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The ULTIMATE Manual on Child-Rearing for Parents.

Learn secrets shown in the horoscope

WHAT could anticipate your child’s nurturing needs from day one?  Each baby is unique, and with the aid of astrology, the horoscope provides a wealth of information for parents to work from.

By reviewing your child’s birth chart, you are able to identify potential problems allowing you to “nip them in the bud” sooner rather than later. It also provides you with advanced notice of your child's innate talents and special abilities.

Most new parents will agree that an instruction manual would have been a godsend, however reality suggests that, as a parent, you just have to do the very best you can based on your instinctive nurturing abilities and the experiences you gained from your own childhood via your parents.

With the benefit of hindsight, many parents may have approached their nurturing and caretaking role differently if they had fully understood the consequences.

When using the horoscope to analyse the personality, you are presented with a clear picture of how your child is wired, indicating his/her individual sense of reality.  When you think about this, consider how your own parents raised you, did they understand the real you, did they assume you should be just like your sister or brother because you were all raised and treated the same?

Be astounded by the revelations, review your child’s birthchart report – your very own instruction manual.  You receive an emailed report, describing all aspects of your child’s potential personality and character.  From this point on, keep an eye on his/her progress, and if certain characteristics become evident from reading their report – you can then quickly initiate the correct action to either develop certain talents and/or correct any undesirable traits. You are in charge and you can anticipate the unexpected.

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