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Eclipse Hypnotherapy Services

Beverley McKie is a practitioner of both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Hypnotherapy including:

Past Life Therapy
Regression Therapy
Time Line Therapy (TM) and NLP

During the 1980’s, Beverley was a well known Astrological Consultant and Clairvoyant.

In 1991 she created the Aquarian Centre of Enlightenment where she began to teach Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, incorporating Mythology and Dream Interpretation. Lectures were also offered on new modalities in healing; Kinesiology, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Crystal Healing, as well as
“A Course in Miracles”.

Beverley wrote an Astrology column in the local Community Newspaper and she was indeed a pioneer in the budding Alternative New Age Movement and Natural Therapies. She developed the Age of Aquarius Festival (1992), here she was able to create a platform for the young voices of many of those new modalities we currently enjoy today. 

Like many of us, her pathway has changed and her transformation has developed into the work she currently does today.

Email Contact: Beverley McKie @ Beverley McKie
Website: Eclipse Hypnotherapy Services

Beverley is located in Keilor Downs, Melbourne

Kinesiology & Reiki

Everyone feels stress. That's perfectly natural. But when it gets out of control we can start to feel as if we are running through life from one panic to the next. Our stresses can be big or small. It doesn't matter. Whatever they are, they stop us from achieving our own greatness, whatever that is for each of us. Kinesiology is a modality that helps people overcome the physical and emotional blockages in their lives.

Birth-time Rectification
Lyn has also had success in using Kinesiology to discover birth times if unknown.

Contact: Lyn Jordan @ Symmetry & Balance

Lyn is located in Wonga Park, Melbourne

Meditation, Reiki, Counselling, T.I.W.©,
Crystals, Automatic Writing & Psychometry."

People who are experiencing challenging circumstances will also be experiencing struggle on many levels. Depression, anger and dissatisfaction will be transformed when undertaking programmes offered at the Seventh Ray Centre. Basically anyone who uses the services at the Seventh Ray Centre will experience being pioneers on their spiritual journey which in turn will reward them with rich and fulfilling lives.

Contact: Lida Parker @ Seventh Ray Centre

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