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How can Astrology work for you?

In summary, astrology is a symbolic language that can be used to identify strengths, validate behavioural characteristics and also uncover hidden issues operating in the unconscious to explain why we behave the way we do. 

By identifying specific issues shown in the birth chart, and by bringing things out into the open, we have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of ourselves, and also the ability to improve our relationship with our partner, children, family, friends and work associates. 

Astrology charts can be prepared for a person, a business or an event. The birth chart is as individual and unique as a fingerprint.

Consultation Options

All telephone/personal consultations will be recorded on request.

A 30 minute telephone conversation with each client should precede any consultation to discuss the aims and objectives of each session.

Introductory Birth Chart Consultation - 90 minutes @ $150.00

This session provides an opportunity to discuss in detail your Natal Horoscope to identify personality traits, talents, challenges in an effort to help you understand your dynamics. We can also look at selected sections of the birth chart which may be relevant to your current situation eg: relationship, career direction, finances etc. 

Service includes a recording of the consultation, one pdf (15+ page) personalised Natal report, Natal Chart Wheel and a colourful "Art" Chart Wheel.

Relationship Consultation - 3 hours @ $250.00

This session is aimed at providing you and your partner with information that would be valuable in helping you both understand the way you interact and your overall compatibility. Sufficient time is also spent in analysing each person's individual horoscope to gain an understanding of their relationship needs and personality/character profiles.

This option also allows for multiple sessions if required, with one or both partners present.

Topics covered;

  • Your styles of relating
  • How you see each other
  • The dynamics between you
  • How you approach the world as a couple.

By gaining this helpful insight into each others needs and behavioural characteristics, it may be possible to improve your relationship; perhaps by learning how to make some compromises to ensure it flourishes.

Service includes a recording of the consultation. A 40+ page personalised relationship report, and 4 Chart Wheels (1 birth chart for each person plus 2 for the relationship).

Baby, Child or Teenager Personality Analysis Consultation - $80.00

The aim of this session is to provide information for parents in order to ensure that their child or children ultimately reach their full potential.  

By understanding the essence of the child and their nurturing needs, you can respond accordingly.  You gain insight into their emotional nature, true identity and personality traits, how to discipline them, their learning styles and what type of school would be appropriate for them. 

Service includes a recording of the consultation. One 20+ page personalised report, a Natal Chart Wheel and a colourful "Art Wheel" Chart.

Personal consultations with Monika can take place on Kawana Island, Parrearra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland or via Zoom/Skype. 

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Benefits of
Horoscope Analysis:

Personal growth through insight

Achieve your goals

Improve your career prospects

Manage career transition

Discover your vocational
talents and special attributes

Gain focus and direction

Gain support and motivation
to move forward

Achieve balance between
work and home life

Improve your sense of well-being

Remove obstacles that have
been standing in your way

Gain confidence through overcoming
your fears and anxieties

Rediscover the positive
aspects of your relationship

Improve your relationship prospects

Gain a better understanding of
your children’s personality and
discover their unique talents

The less you know about yourself, the more you are prone to suffer events beyond your control. 

These events are generally messages from the universe to indicate that you are not developing in accordance with your potential.

Free will is exercised when you are in control and know how to balance your life and live according to your chosen life plan.

Astrology birth chart and forecast analysis allows you to anticipate the changing themes in your life. This knowledge enables you to make more informed decisions to ensure your happiness, and to achieve greater success in life.


All services are provided with a money back guarantee. We aim to provide superior and quality services to ensure your total satisfaction.

Please telephone Monika for a no obligation conversation to discuss your interest in any astrology service; reports, consultations or any general enquiry. Often this helps to assure you of our professionalism and dedication to promoting the responsible practice and use of astrology.