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Monika has been a student of astrology for over 30 years, however in an effort to exist in a material world financially, she chose a more conservative career path.  From Secretary to Flight Attendant, then venturing into corporate sales in the early 80's, specialising in software in the computer industry, and finally as an IT Recruitment Consultant in the late 90's.

An opportunity appeared to re-join the airlines in time for the Sydney Olympics in 2000, however that was short-lived with the demise of Ansett around the time of September 11, 2001!  This loss of employment was a blessing in one way, as it forced Monika to reconsider her future.

Although the corporate life style did bring financial rewards and business savvy, a strong passion for Astrology coexisted throughout this time, just waiting to emerge and take precedence! 

Since then, Monika has now established herself as a full-time “humanistic” astrological consultant/counsellor. Astrology is used as a therapeutic tool to help people gain greater self-awareness and facilitate change and growth. Armed with a person's “blue-print” or their "destiny roadmap", it is possible to aid their development.

Monika is also a member of the FAA - Federation of Australian Astrologers and complies with the "ethics" of professional astrological consulting/counselling. She has also received formal training in basic counselling skills.

The Website

The Astrology Solutions Network website has been built with the express purpose of providing access to a wide variety of reports to people who may not otherwise initiate a visit to a practicing astrologer. By reviewing your own personalised astrological report, you are able to test the validity of astrology for yourself, and gain greater self-awareness.

Personal consultations with Monika can take place on the Sunshine Coast, Kawana Island, Queensland or via Zoom or Skype. 

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