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Monika Barbour has the most amazing grasp of her chosen field.  Monika's wisdom combined with her flexible knowledge on a vast area of related topics contributes to her ability to produce reports of incomparable content. The extent and depth of her reports are evidence of her passion as she provides information of utmost value. Having commissioned Astrology Solutions Network, I am able to recommend the service to anyone who is looking at best practices for a range of areas in life: assisting parents in identifying the most harmonious style in parenting children, supporting troubled teens, career guidance, relationship matching, business and investment consulting and more.

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Lida Parker -- Seventh Ray Centre -- July 6, 2009

Regarding the Astrology Profile; my partner simply described it as: "The best birthday present ever".

The report described her very accurately and we both found it very interesting and inspiring.

Thank you very much for your lovely work and please do not have any doubt that we love it.

SR – Caulfield

My horoscope, as explained to me by Monika, gave me many answers to why my life wasn't working.

The conflicting energies of many planets and their placements in my birth chart, all competing for prominence, were some of the key reasons that had to date eluded my success in many areas of my life, especially in relationships.

The horoscope consultation with Monika gave me insights into how and why I sometimes blocked my own success, sabotaging my efforts and setting myself up to fail. This knowledge allowed me to free myself from repetitive destructive patterns and with new awareness came a new self confidence.

Contact and acceptance of my “inner child” released more hidden secrets which led to further self-understanding and a new sense of renewal.

I recommend a consultation with Monika to help learn about challenges which are represented in your chart, your natural talents and gifts, and the other areas which may need some attention and highlight karmic life lessons.

LK -- Toorak

When it comes to astrology, I know nothing, however am fascinated by it.  I’ve had my chart done once and really didn’t understand nor could I relate to it.  After meeting Monika and listening to her explain exactly what and how it works, I was fascinated and wanted to know more.   Using my date and time of birth (approximately) it started from there.  Monika handed me my Astrology Chart then proceeded to fully explain every thing in detail, very patiently, even when I didn’t fully understand Monika, very kindly repeated it until it made sense.  We talked and laughed several times during the session and I always felt very comfortable and confident.

I would highly recommend Monika to anyone interested in having their Astrology Chart done, her knowledge and information is very accurate.

Madonna -- Glen Huntly

I enjoyed our conversation very much; in fact, it has turned around my attitude to many areas of my life - just what I needed!

Thank you very, very much; our interaction, your comments and these reports have instilled in me the importance of thorough interpretation of the natal chart.  I've been getting carried away with transits, but until you totally understand the natal chart, transits have limited meaning.

Really appreciate all the extra information you've sent through and will devour it intently.

With best wishes and gratitude, your newest client

JMcD –- Melbourne

That report is great. It's spot on right through. We now have some insight into the influences he (son) has driving him and a point of reference when we are left scratching our heads. More importantly there is the reminder of all the lovely things he has going for him. It's sometimes so difficult when ticked off at him for one reason or another, to stop and remind ourselves that we still need to nurture these good points in order to get some positive responses. I think I may have a flick through your work at these times for some reassurance. Maybe an idea of my chart alongside his as we did over the phone might give me a path to focus on as well. When speaking on the phone, and you say so many things, I keep thinking that the information you impart would only fit on one or two pages but you are certainly most thorough.

Thank you for doing so much work on all the reports you have prepared for us. I still look through my initial report now and again as a bit of a reminder of stuff to keep an eye on. It's good for me I think.

What I suppose we really need is to know all the buttons to push and in what order to make everything work the way we would like them to (for son and ourselves). But alas, it's never that easy with all the pressures thrust upon us each day.

IC –- Hamilton

I can't thank you enough Monika.  Reading this report was exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

Honestly, 95% of it I was able to see a deep and true link to my own understanding of me ... including my weaker areas.  I am the first to be sceptical of something and I was overwhelmed with how much of me came out in this report.

This report provided some new and helpful insight into my life and the person I am and I know will help me to make changes moving forward.

Again thank you for your effort in turning this around so quickly and making the time to see me.  What a wonderful service you are offering people and your passion for astrology truly shines through in you.  I have already recommended you to several of my friends.  Hopefully this will lead to future connections for you.

KS -- Melbourne

Child*Star Report

Thank you for the time you put into this report.  I wanted to make sure I did it justice by reading it thoroughly before responding.

I found a lot of the aspects noted to be very accurate and was disappointed that I had not picked up on some things in his early life to guide him. Comments like “your child could be generous but may tend to go overboard, be extravagant..........not complete a job and go on to the other” are so typical of his behaviour which I did not pause to correct.

In the section “Mars in Leo” describes him as someone who would like to be the centre of attention.  As I've said to you, his past forecasting of the horoscope* suggested that he will be a leader; obviously he must love the attention, if not he would not chose to attain that sort of position.  Having said that, he's the opposite at present, likes to do things in the background and does not look for kudos.

I'm impressed with the section called the “Major Life Periods” as it pretty much duplicates the times and events that were forecasted for him at birth.

Overall, very informative and I wish I had had more of this sort of description that would have helped me to manage his younger years better.  Our form of astrology* is more about forecasting major events in the future as opposed to the insight you provide.

Many thanks once again for you time and interest. I will certainly cherish this and try to learn a bit more about my son from it.

KG –- Notting Hill

*Jyotish, Jyotisha - the Vedic system of astrology, originally from the Indian sub-continent

You were kind enough to create an astrology chart for each of my children.

I apologise it has taken soooo long to give you feed back.  Your findings were amazing.  Certainly coincided with my own feelings on the personalities of my children.  The depth of my daughter’s personality is being revealed everyday.  My son’s quirky nature was certainly highlighted in the report.  It has been interesting reading the report.  At present, I have been adapting my parenting to them to suit their individuality and level of understanding.  I can fine tune these methods more to ensure their self confidence, individuality, skills and talents are able to thrive naturally.

Thank you kindly for the time you spent on creating their charts and reports

NB -- Melbourne

AstroTalk Report

Thanks so much for the Astrological Personality Profile, it has taken me a quite a while to read it all and have been reading a little at a time at bedtime.

There are parts of the report which are so correct, it shocked me. Other parts which are pretty close and some bits were a bit off but overall I was very surprised and enjoyed the read. I kind of wish that I was able to supply you with a more precise time of birth as I think this might have made the report even more precise.

I’m going to read it through again this week to take it all in.

DH -- Sydney

Just for Women Report

Have just finished reading your report, I wanted to digest all, and that it was correct for me, as you say not everything projects exactly the way I am, but it sure comes really close, probably about 85% correct, and that to me is a great achievement, considering I did not have the correct time of birth

I thank you for the suggestion about Kinesiology, I will give it try. Many thanks

EM –- South Africa

Just for Women Report & Spiritual Path Report

Each of these latest reports were true but the Just for Woman report - well "this is my life".  Amazingly accurate. (It's taken me two days to read). I shall certainly treasure it.

 My original purpose in making contact with you was to find direction, and you have enabled me to do that.  I need to find direction in my life and at present I'm thinking about the upcoming trip to Europe . So the trip is my project at the moment; perhaps during the time away, my mind will focus on a new project for my return home. 

 Thank you once again; until next time.

 JMcD -- Melbourne

Great to hear more good information from you.

I was so pleased with the information contained in the report (Just for Women”) for me that I've ordered one for my daughter on your website.

JMcD -- Melbourne


In terms of the report for me... I have read it now twice. It still spooks me. The report quotes from my mouth and I am not just talking about one or two quotes. Strangely enough they are recent quotes that have been lying dormant and I have been able to use them? I think there is no doubt that we have the right chart for me and it is 5.16am and not 5.14am. Bizarre!!

There are a couple of things that disturb me. (Slightly) One is the spiritual development side but perhaps that is me not knowing how to develop that side even though I am a spiritual person. Suggestions? The other being that I should be a good communicator. Communication is my greatest fear; when we are talking about communicating from a presentation perspective in front of a crowd.

I also have a taker for you for a report. I think the Just for Women report would be the best for her.

MM -- Melbourne

Complete Relationship Report

Sorry for the delay in my reply to you... I've had my head in that report and I'm just loving it!

I printed it out, found it easier to read and highlight sections that I found very pertinent and useful in my relationship.

It's such a huge report, and may scare some people off... but not me, I have waded thru it and found it to be quite accurate in many areas, both for myself and for partner and our relating. Of course there are some things that I read and thought, what the?? not really ringing true, but like you said, it's a generic report and can't possibly get it all right.

What I like about it is that you can pick up some tips on how to relate and why he reacts the way he does and not be thinking "why is he acting so strange??!!"  I love it.  I've shared it with my partner too and at first I don't know if he was too keen but once I started pointing out some things about his way of being and mine, then his ears pricked up and he listened.

It has been most useful in dealing with things over the past few months... I went thru a bit of a tough patch where the smallest things were getting to me, it was the whole moving in together, moving to Melbourne (so far from my friends) and I was mostly stressed about my work situation, which leads into financial worries and I was bringing all of that into our relationship and causing grief for both of us.

I have since mellowed out and "loosened my grip" as the report suggests and it's going really, really well.  I think I was being a bit too smothering and not giving myself or my partner any space.  I am so very happy and so is he; we're just loving being together, caring and loving each other, learning all the things there are to learn and really enjoying each other.
SY -– Melbourne

It took me and my partner a while to finish reading our relationship chart but we took a great pleasure reading it, separately first and then we shared our feedback over a bottle of short we had some good laughs when reading some of the paragraphs that describe one of us so well, we think the report although generic but somehow describes our respective personality and the dynamic of us as a couple quite well (70% accurate we think…maybe because the time of births that we gave you is very accurate?). As you know we’re quite a young couple (we’ve been living together for 1 year now) and we are still adapting to each other as we both are very different in term of personality and how we see the world, however we both find in each other an inspiring companion and very complementary to our own personality.

LP -- Singapore

Cosmo Compatibility Report

Thanks so much and I didn't mean to let it be so long before I replied.  We are both very intrigued at how correct the report appeared to be…. Time will tell on some things, but my partner in particular is amazed.  He hasn’t had a chance to follow up his exact birth time, a bit hard when the hospital has gone…..

JL -- Perth

Solar Return & Forecast Report

I keep my charts very handy and have read them twice through (I don't want to over do it and become quite 'religious' about it).  I pick them up about once and month or so and check out the phases I've gone through/going through/will go through in the very near future.  They are extremely thought provoking and I have a very strong feeling about them being 'predestined'.

TS -– Melbourne

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