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Void of Course Moon | July, 2024

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Mercury Retrograde April 2 - 25, 2024

Mars Retrograde - October 31,2022 - January 13, 2023

Venus Retrograde - July 23 - September 4, 2023

Mercury Retrograde Anecdotes

Void of Course Moon July, 2024
Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEST)

The VOC Moon signals time-out periods. This is a time when you should NOT take action. The Universe provides us with indicators; times when we can happily move forward, and short intervals when we should take things easy. Routine jobs and activities work well, however anything important started during a VOC Moon may not produce the desired results, or there may be unexpected difficulties. Your judgement may be impaired or you may not have all the facts - so it is always best to plan around these times. Catch up on mundane tasks that you have been putting off.

There is a distinct change in energy during the VOC Moon. These periods occur when the Moon changes sign every 2.5 days, and they last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, even in some cases a day or more. These are great times to meditate or do your yoga class. Also, use this time to review and revise, do your to-do lists, and clean out your clutter. It is during these times that you are better equipped to handle such activities.

Examples of things to avoid; a job interview, starting a new job, a first date, making arrangements to meet new people, buying, selling or auctioning your property, starting a new business, and an absolute no-no is to purchase any high ticket items. Even that new dress you bought at a sale may not see the light of day after you get it home!

Another useful tip would be to pay attention to the VOC Moon when considering an option, making a decision to do something, or wondering if an activity or task would be beneficial. Look to the VOC Moon table for a second opinion. If you find that the Moon is VOC at this time, it is worthwhile reconsidering your plan. The VOC Moon may serve as an indication from the Universe that alerts us to possible problems if we proceed.

The last aspect the Moon makes before it goes Void of Course often indicates the outcome of an action. Trines, Sextiles and some Conjunctions (depending on the planets involved) indicate a positive outcome, however Squares and Oppositions and some Conjunctions may suggest problems.

Finally, when the Moon goes Void of Course in the signs of Taurus, Libra and Pisces, the outcome may not be impacted adversely, as these signs are rule by "benefics" i.e. Venus and Jupiter are considered favourable, therefore may diminish some unfortunate issues.

How to read the VOC table below:

Example : Review June, 2024 table below.
Note; Daylight Time Ended on April 7, 2024

An example of how to read the table below; the Void of Course Moon starts on July 3, at 1:44 am and ends on the same day, at 01:51 am, with the Moon moving into the sign of Gemini. The time between this start and end phase, the Moon is said to be Void of Course, and whatever is undertaken may not prosper or work out as planned. Use these VOC Moon periods to take time-out; rest, recuperate, meditate or any other activity that soothes the soul. Day-to-day shopping and general tasks need not be avoided, just don't make any major decisions or purchases until the Moon moves into the next sign.

Void of Course Moon Table - July, 2024 AEST

Click here for a printable pdf version

VOC Moon | for July, 2024 AEST

Mercury Retrograde | April 2 - 25, 2024

Mercury Retrogrades 3-4 times per year for approximately 3 weeks. Mercury takes just 88 days to orbit the Sun compared to the 365 days it takes Earth to travel the same distance. Mercury appears to move backwards when viewed from earth during these periods.

The planet Mercury rules communication, computers, travel, contracts, the written word and cars. When Mercury is retrograde, there is confusion. People forget things. There are delays, frustrations and miscommunications - whatever can go wrong in these areas seems to if you are not careful. Gemini's and Virgo's may be more prone to complications because Mercury rules both of these signs. The author is a Gemini, and can speak from experience!

This is a time when you should be careful when signing contracts, and if you have to, make sure you read ALL the fine print TWICE. Buy your computer or accessories before or after the Retrograde period. Computers and technology in general seem to experience hiccups. Messages conveyed via mobiles and answering machines are often garbled, overwritten, ignored or overlooked - or the device itself breaks down. Your lunch date may not turn up, with you waiting at the restaurant, or your business meeting has been rescheduled without anyone telling you about it. And, please, don't buy a car during a Mercury Retrograde period; you may end up with a lemon at worst, or a car that does not suit your needs after the retrograde period is over.

Starting a new job is also fraught with potential difficulties. The job never ends up being what you expected, and is certainly not the role you think you applied for. Don't make any plans for your holidays in 12 months time, because you probably won't still be there.

Any new project started during Mercury Retrograde often has to be re-done. Which leads into all the things you CAN DO during these times though. Re-view, re-vise, re-schedule, re-think. The best advice is to take time-out; think of Mercury Retrograde as your time for a quarterly re-view and to handle unfinished tasks. Re-assess your financial position, re-do your budget, re-organise yourself, re-duce clutter in your home, workspace or any area of your life that needs attention. If a "re" fits onto the beginning of any activity you want to do, go ahead, and good luck.

For those more technical or experienced with Mercury Retrograde cycles, you will notice in the table below that Mercury moves into the Retrograde zone approximately 3 weeks before the actual Retrograde. The period either side of the Mercury Retrograde is classified as the shadow, and is said to be worthy of consideration. Some people, especially Sun in Gemini and Virgo (both signs ruled by Mercury), may experience some earlier or residual effects covering this entire cycle, so worth paying attention.

The inserted tables below has been taken from the Matrix Day Watch Stations Report and is based on Australian Eastern Standard Time.

If you would like to know what area of your life (shown by the house position) is being affected most by Mercury Retrograde, you can purchase your own personal Retrograde/Stations Report which highlights all Retrograde Planetary cycles related to your birth chart.

Mercury Retrograde | April 2 - 25, 2024

Mercury Retrograde in the signs of:-
Aries - Fire)

Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This is the time to re-evaluate all matters that influence your emotional makeup. Matters of security, intimacy and the past will be the focus for review throughout this period. Use these times to work at cleaning out your emotional storehouse.

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Reorganise your practical life, re-evaluate what has value from a material and psychological perspective. Clean up your financial records and bring all practical matters up to scratch.

Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Mercury in Air signs challenges you to re-evaluate relationships, how you communicate and relate with others. What aspects of your intellect need reorganisation?

Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Examine how you go about realising your goals. Creative energy must be re-directed. What has provided enthusiasm and vision in the past may not have the same meaning in the future.

Please click on the link below to review an article for a detailed explanation of what Mercury Retrograde means to you and how you can work with it. Use this cycle to your advantage & plan specific projects accordingly:-

Mercury Retrograde By Transit
A summarised excerpt from:
Your Hidden Powers; Intercepted Signs and Retrograde Planets,
Joanne Wickenburg, AFA, 1992

Venus Retrograde | July 23 - September 4, 2023

The planet Venus is symbolic of things such as; love, romance, relating, values, self-esteem, resources, material possessions, desires and pleasures.

Venus retrograde transits occur less frequently than any other planet, and is retrograde for approximately 6 weeks every 18 months. 

When Venus reaches its retrograde cycle, our capacity to consciously direct its energy is impaired, and we are challenged to stop moving forward in our desire to acquire things.  This is the time to reassess what we have accumulated and decide if it still holds value and if it is in harmony with what we want in our life.  This cycle is the time to have another look at whether we are attracting people or material things that will reflect our true needs into the future. 

Have your values changed over the last 18 months?  At these retrograde periods, you are presented with an opportunity to re-evaluate where you are in life and how your values are reflected through your relationships and acquisitions.   Relationships, finances and priorities should all be reassessed.  Your focus on internal values will tend to overshadow your need for external expression; consequently, you may make adjustments in your pursuit of materialistic and external goals.

Existing relationships can improve or deteriorate during Venus retrograde.  Sometimes there is a sense of desperation that surfaces within a relationship; you know things are changing and you may sense that the relationship itself needs a review.  There could be a fear of making adjustments, and in some cases people may make a new commitment rather than honestly reviewing their current relationship.

Also, during this cycle, it is considered unfavourable for marriage or for starting a new relationship.  Although it is not unusual to marry during this cycle, either partner may find out later that they no longer want what their spouse offers or provides.  Conversely, relationships can be severed, with the partners later realising that the separation was premature or inappropriate.   Venus retrograde provides the perfect opportunity to back up and examine the quality of the relationships in your life.  This is not the time to make external changes, but a time to evaluate how and where changes are possible.  Only after Venus turns direct will you have completed your re-evaluation process.  No final change or decision should be taken while Venus is retrograde though. 

In essence, Venus retrograde is not the time to make long-term commitments in relationships until after it has turned direct.  It is also not uncommon to attract people from your past during this cycle. Use the retrograde transit to objectively reassess relationships making sure that they are what you really want.  New values emerge out of these reflective times and can be put into action when Venus turns direct.  Take care of an unfinished past before attempting to create a new future.

Venus retrograde is not the time to purchase big ticket items such as real estate or a motor vehicle.  Major acquisitions made during this time may become a money pit (new home), a lemon (new car) or you may just change your mind on its importance or value in your life after the retrograde period ends.

Venus also rules beauty and aesthetics.  Cosmetic surgery, new clothing purchases, home renovations are all activities that could be considered and evaluated during the retrograde, however decisions should not be made until after Venus turns direct, when you will have a clearer idea of what is important to you.

Venus Retrograde | July 23 - September 4, 2023 AEST

Information above sourced from:
Your Hidden Powers; Intercepted Signs and Retrograde Planets,
Joanne Wickenburg, AFA, 1992

Mars Retrograde October 31, 2022 | January 13, 2023 in Gemini

Mars Retrogrades every 26 months for almost 12 weeks. 

The planet Mars represents action, energy, passion, drive and determination.  When Mars goes Retrograde, our drive and focussed energy reverses.  A change in perspective is needed.  Obviously, not all activity ceases, however we may become more reactive than active/proactive.  We don’t have to stop what we are doing, however, we should aim to become more consciously introspective. 

In some cases, projects and ventures may need to be postponed or even terminated if it is seen that they are inappropriate for the long term.  Sudden reversal of interest and drive may be experienced. 

It is unwise to start any new projects and far better to re-assess current projects, and/or even re-view projects from the past, which may be more viable for the near future.

If anyone is planning litigation; beware, whoever initiates fails, unless it is being re-tried for instance. 

The way we handle anger is influenced by Mars Retrograde as well.  We may avoid confrontations and conflicts, unwilling to express anger outwardly.  People may resort to passive aggressive behaviour or manipulation if it seems impossible to deal with a situation on a rational level.

Positively, we can look upon this cycle as a time to see self-defeating situations and take corrective actions.  This is the ideal time to re-consider your goals and ambitions, and to prepare an action plan for the next two years.

Mars Retrograde | 31 October 2022-13 January 2023 AEDT

If you would like to know what area of your life (shown by the house position) is being affected most by Retrograde Planets, you can purchase your own personal Retrograde/Stations Report which highlights all Retrograde Planetary cycles for 2024.

For further information on how planetary cycles such Retrogrades or the VOC Moon dates will affect you personally, please email Monika