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Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls
Michael Newton, Ph.D.
Llewellyn Publications, 1994

Although these are not astrology books, the theme of reincarnation certainly resonates with me and dove-tails into my personal philosophy that planetary positions at the moment of birth show the potential destiny of a person.  Although we have choices, we still have a destiny to experience life according to our birth chart blue-print.  How well we ultimately perform depends on what we learn during our personal journey. We can reach the potential indicated, or we can fall by the wayside and lament that life has been unkind and possibly others have thwarted our attempts to achieve happiness and personal fulfilment.  Our astrology chart potential is a virtual work-in-progress, what we put into our development and understanding of ourselves, improves our possibilities. 

Two comments in "Journey of the Souls" in the introduction (page 1) confirmed in my mind the concept of reincarnation; “Dying makes all of our earthly goals seem futile” and “If death were the end of everything about us, then life indeed would be meaningless”.  If you extend this thought, it conveniently explains why some great people, both past and present, have set and accomplished goals that go above and beyond the purely materialistic, to benefit their community or country.

If you read this book, you will also note that we had choices in the spirit world regarding the type of life we wanted to be born into; we chose our parents, the city and the experiences we needed to have in order to learn certain lessons in this life.  Some of us purposely chose a difficult life, perhaps to learn humility and to understand pain and suffering.  Others may have chosen a life as a disabled person to gain insight, some chose to die in infancy or prematurely; but it appears mainly in an attempt to aid or assist their loved ones with some learning experience, perhaps how to cope with grief.

It all sounds feasible; read it with an open mind and make your own judgment.  Worth considering, if for no other reason than to give you the focus to make the most of this lifetime towards gaining credits for the next! The harder the life, the more brownie points we attract!

Bottom line, I think that we need to make the most of the here and now, try to do the best we can under our current circumstances. Our lesson is to learn as much as possible about ourselves and to approach life with a view to making a difference and contributing something of value to our family and community using all the tools available to us.

Courageous Souls - Robert Schwartz
Whispering Winds Press

Another great book on the concept of reincarnation. Ten case studies are presented detailing each persons' pre-birth planning sessions. The Soul's intention explains why you chose your life's circumstances, relationships and events. Tied into this is astrology; where our horoscope provides insight into our past, present and future.

Working with four gifted mediums and channels author Robert Schwartz presents compelling case study material.

Soul Agreements - Dick Sutphen with Tara Sutphen
Hampton Roads Publishing

With 30 years researching reincarnation and karma, Dick has written many books on this subject and is called "America's foremost psychic researcher".

Dick and Tara combine their talents well. Tara uses eastern and western astrology as well as automatic writing and telepathy, adding a further dimension to Dick's past life regression work.

Parkers' Astrology - Julia & Derek Parker
DK Publishing

If you are looking for an all-round Astrology book, this is it. It satisfies the curiosity of those new to astrology whilst still serving as an excellent reference book for the more advanced students of astrology.