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A Solar Return Report is a forecasting technique that uses the time the Sun reaches the exact position of the Sun in your birthchart each year.  This occurs on the same day, the day before or the day after – so do not be concerned if your report does not start on the same day as your actual birthday. 

This new Chart sets the scene for 12 months.  The symbolism of these new planetary positions shows a new theme that could operate in your life for this 12 month period.  There is often a 1-3 month lead-up to your Solar Return and possibly a 1-3 month phase-out. 

Meditating for 15 minutes prior to your Solar Return is a good ritual. You can focus on what you would like to achieve and tap into the universal law of attraction to manifest positive energies.

It is important to note that the interpretations provided will not automatically imply that what is written will happen – the report just highlights possibilities.  When reading your report, if you see that good things can happen, you have to actively concentrate on these areas of your life as described.  What this means is that things won't just fall in your lap, you have to make them happen.  Conversely, if you read that there could be problems, by being armed with this knowledge, you can be proactive to avoid any potential difficulties.

The good news is that you have the road-map of what areas of your life should be the focus of your attention for the next 12 months to aid your development and evolutionary growth. 

For the technical minded; included in your report is an interpretation for retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars, hemisphere and quadrant emphasis, predominant and minor elements and an interpretation of each planet in every Solar Return house. Through the report, Mary concentrates on a complete description of possibilities. Her examples range from spiritual transitions, starting a new business, love affairs, marriage, issues involving children and parents, health, education, writing and publishing books, relocation, income changes, career transitions, and much more. She covers both positive and negative possibilities for the different Solar Return placements and configurations.

The main objective of forecasts, is to be aware of possibilities presented in your Solar Return Report.  There is a definite new theme unfolding in your life, and if you can gain some insight into how your life should be progressing, you can be more proactive and make things happen to ensure happiness and success throughout the solar return year.

There are a total of four Solar Return reports on offer from the Astrology Solutions Network's report menu selection, all providing different writing styles as well as chart analysis. In the case of this report; Planets in Solar Return is explored as a stand-alone chart, without any reference to the birthchart.

Because each report option provides something new, it is often hard to decide exactly which one is the most appropriate for you. I suggest you review the sample report or free celebrity sample report via links above to choose the writing style that appeals most. The other alternative is to buy all four Solar Return options!

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