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Complete Relationship Compatibility

This astrological report takes a look at your birth charts to see how the two of you would be likely to interact in dating, a love affair, or especially, in a long-term partnership like marriage. Its purpose is to make you more conscious of what's really going on between you. By reviewing the report, you will gain a better appreciation of what each of you wants and needs from each other. Regarding your relationship with this particular partner, you will see strengths that you can cultivate, and also be alerted to possible problems that could get in the way of your happiness.

If you do read about problems, don't worry. Almost every astrological combination has both positive and negative possibilities. The report includes some common ways in which astrological combinations are misused, however you may never experience the negative sides. If you do, there are also suggestions on how to work through these difficulties.

The important thing is to be aware of your choices. As you read you will see that when faced with virtually any so-called problem between the two of you, you can choose a desirable or an undesirable way to act. This report will try to show you where the problem is coming from, and it suggests constructive things that you can do. It will also alert you to the strengths that you can build upon to create an increasingly strong and satisfying relationship.

In this report you will find sections on:

Your Styles of Relating: We will first look at each of you as individuals, and will start with your basic personality type, and then look close-up at your needs and attitudes regarding romance, partnership and sex. Your section is addressed to you as an individual, but if your partner also reads your section, he or she may better understand your overall approach to life and the way you go about relating to people.

Report 1 - Individual Relating Styles & Relationship Report

How You See Each Other: For each of you, we will explore how the way you see your partner is shaped by the lens of your own birth chart.

The Dynamics Between You: This synastry chart highlights clues about your relationship and the sorts of dramas that go on between you. We will look at each aspect that links a point in your chart to a point in your partner's chart. These “interaspects” will show both the assets and the problems in your relationship.

Report 2 - Composite Report

The Chart of the Relationship Itself: Finally, we will analyze the relationship itself by combining the birth charts of each of you into a single “composite chart.” When your relationship is well established, the composite chart shows how you as a couple approach the rest of the world, and how you're viewed as a result of being together.

You have two options when selecting this report; you can choose the "Complete Relationship" Reports 1 and 2, or Report 1 on its own.

Please note that the Complete Relationship and Composite Report by Astrolabe is approximately 60 pages in length; so plan a special weekend with your partner, add a few bottles of wine and review it together.

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Sample Report

Celebrity Sample Report

Report 1: looks at each person's birth chart and notes their individual relating styles, as well as the relationship contacts between their charts.

Report 2: combines both birth charts into one Composite Chart to show how they relate to the world as a couple.