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Report Ordering Instructions

Data Entry Box's:

  1. Please enter person's name (full name or first name) followed by date of birth (dd/mm/yy), time of birth, place of birth (please indicate nearest major city if born in a small town) including state, and country if outside Australia.
  2. Include time of birth if known, and whether this time is accurate or an estimate.  Please do not make any corrections for daylight saving time - as this is an automatic function of the software used.

  3. If time is unknown, some reports can still be prepared, however they will be set up as a Solar chart.

Emailed Reports / Online Payments via PayPal/Credit Card:

  1. Enter birth data for each report selected in data entry text box.

  2.  Click "Add to basket".

  3.  Check out using PayPal/Credit Card - All orders processed in AUD$.

  4. If you would like your report to be emailed to a different email address than what is registered with PayPal, please email: and provide an alternative email address, quoting your name and date of order.

  5. Reports emailed within 6-24 hours.

For Emailed Reports / Offline Payments:

  1. Advise your preferred payment method; Cheque, Money Order, Direct Bank Transfer. All orders processed in AUD$.

  2. An invoice will be prepared and emailed to you showing reports ordered and order total.

  3. Please advise email address for delivery of reports.

  4. Reports emailed within 6-24 hours.

Birth Time

Find out your birth time prior to arranging your report, and also let us know if the time is accurate or approximate.

If your time of birth is unknown, some reports can still be prepared, however you will receive a report and chart calculated for noon on the day you were born, and with the Sun conjunct the Ascendant.

If in any doubt about the ordering and payment process: please don't hesitate to email:

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NOTE: Date format required in data entry fields: dd/mm/yyyy

If in doubt, type birth month in full.

The time of birth is mandatory for some reports, so please check the Reports menu to ensure you won't be disappointed after you place your order.

All reports emailed within
6-24 hours of cleared payment

Free Email/Telephone Contact

As a value added service, please feel free to contact us to discuss any consultation service or report.

Use this opportunity to gain helpful advice and guidance about the full range of services and report options that would suit your needs.

Also, unlimited email contact available for all ASN clients wishing to ask questions about any report/s you may have purchased. Further clarification or explanations may be required to help you understand your report/s.

Gift certificates are also available and are personalised and structured to suit any special occasion or specific request.

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All consulting services are provided with a money back guarantee. We aim to provide superior and quality services to ensure your total satisfaction.

Please telephone Monika for a no obligation conversation to discuss your interest in any astrology service; reports, consultations or any general enquiry. Often this helps to assure you of our professionalism and dedication to promoting the responsible practice and use of astrology.

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