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Midpoint Keys

The Midpoint Keys report is more suitable for experienced astrology students or astrologers. The techniques used involve looking at midpoints between planets in the natal, transit or progressed chart.

This powerful Midpoint Keys program can help you add greater detail and accuracy to chart analysis, making the interpretations more active and robust. The impact of this new element in your interpretations is immediate and profound for both you and your clients.

We astrologers are accustomed to using planetary pairs when they are found in aspect in a chart, but may find them difficult to use when they make no aspect. This is mainly due to the sheer quantity of possible midpoints and the difficulty in selecting those that are significant. For most astrologers, time and experience help them learn to sort their way through all of the possibilities presented by an examination of midpoints.

Each report gives several levels of interpretation: emotional, spiritual, physical and health. For this reason, Midpoint Keys reports are not intended for the non-Astrologer. The astrologer can use a report in combination with their other interpretive tools and skills to determine the level of interpretation appropriate for the trigger events and the circumstances involved. Health associations, for instance, are made not as a prediction or a diagnosis but as one of many possibilities and should only be considered when such physical or medical indications exist.

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The Midpoint Keys Report provides several levels of interpretations;

Physical &