Astrology Solutions Network

Astrology Solutions Network

The primary objective of this website is to provide an astrology report service, and also to promote our professional astrology readings and consulting services.

Because of our desire to promote the use of astrology, we believe computerised astrology reports can be the first step in becoming acquainted with the true depth of astrology first-hand. For further information, please review benefits.

Astrology is such a useful tool to help us gain insight; understand why we behave the way we do, how we can overcome limitations and where we have the potential to grow and improve our life. People are constantly amazed at how insightful and therapeutic astrology reports or personal astrology consultations can be.

Unless you have studied it yourself, you may be cautious, which is natural. However, there are many learned people who use it not only for character and personality analysis, but as a therapeutic tool for therapists and as a predictor of trends and cycles for use in the financial markets.

Put your scepticism aside for a moment, order at least one computerised report, and review the output for yourself. Such a small price to pay for information that has the potential to change your life and the way you view yourself and others. If it passes this test with you, and you are interested to know more, you may wish to arrange a consultation with Monika Barbour (in person or via telephone) or with another professional astrologer.

Please have a browse of this site, and perhaps run a few of the Celebrity Sample Reports to gain an appreciation of the scope of astrology - We are sure this knowledge can work for you too!

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The less you know about yourself, the more you are prone to suffer events beyond your control. 

These events are generally messages from the universe to indicate that you are not developing in accordance with your potential.

Free will is exercised when you are in control and know how to balance your life and live according to your chosen life plan.

Astrology birth chart and forecast analysis allows you to anticipate the changing themes in your life. This knowledge enables you to make more informed decisions to ensure your happiness, and to achieve greater success in life.