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If you use astrology to help keep track of your life, this is the ultimate desktop reference you will use every day. It has everything you would want, and a lot more to keep on top of things and ahead of the game.

Firstly, it is an astrological appointment calendar that includes everything you would expect from day to day

  • Daily aspects, Moon sign and phase

  • Daily Moon, Sun, and planetary sign changes

  • Void-of-Course Moon times. The Moon changes sign approximately every 2 and a half days, and it is at the lead up to this change, based on the Moon's last aspect to other planets, whether minutes or hours, that any activity undertaken may not bring success. The Moon is said to be without purpose, therefore it does not bode well on the outcome of anything started during these times. Alternatively, these times are useful for taking time out. It appears to be the universe's message to us that there is a time for everything.

  • Complete monthly ephemeris

  • Special planetary events - full and new Moons, eclipses and planetary stations/retrogrades

  • Red/Green Days - highlights days with strong positive or negative aspects

  • Lunation Charts
But that's when it leaves other calendars behind – because this one is entirely personalised for your own birth chart. So, each daily entry includes:

  • Personal daily transits to your own chart

  • Personal Void-of-Course Moon times

  • Personal house positions of planetary stations/retrogrades

And because it is all geared to your own chart, it is available with extensive personal reports by astrologers John Townley, Michael Erlewine and Stephen Erlewine of Matrix Software Inc.

So, on top of a fabulous desk calendar showing the planetary aspects in the sky, you also have interpretations of the influences to your own natal chart, and you get a full year's ephemeris and a variety of personal reports to keep track of daily events throughout the year.

Identifying planetary patterns that are linked to your birthchart can provide the knowledge and power that unlocks inner happiness and shows ways to manifest outer success.

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