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Cosmo Natal & Major Life Themes

If you are new to Astrology, this 12 page natal (birthchart) report is an excellent starting point. It provides a short but insightful tour of all of your planetary positions, houses and aspects. The knowledge gained will surprise you, and it has the potential change your life for the better.

The major benefit of an astrology report is to help you understand yourself, and to uncover talents and skills that you may not have been aware of. It can also help to validate some of your behaviour or emotional reactions, as well as highlight weaknesses that you may prefer to keep under wraps - but most importantly, it provides food for thought and an opportunity for reflection.

The Major Life Theme component of this report uses advanced midpoint theory to interpret the birthchart based on sophisticated techniques using harmonic astrology and cosmobiology.

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Sample Report

Celebrity Sample Report

Cosmo Natal Report - a short, succinct overview of your personality, talents/skills and challenges.

Major Life Theme Report - interpretation of planetary patterns in the birthchart.