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Empower Your Hidden Side

When you take a step beyond the ordinary planets and step into the world of the asteroids, you will see a whole new universe within you. Beyond the cut-and-dry existence of daily life, it is your softer side, the hidden intuitive urges and potentials that are your compelling core, that really makes you tick. That is what you will learn from the four asteroids; Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno, along with the magical planetary healer Chiron. They make up your subtler yet more powerful feminine side that runs the show when others (and sometimes you) least suspect it. It is your show, be in touch with it every day.

In this insightful personal report from Viniita Hutchinson, find out how to:

  1. Meet your marriage and learn to manage the inner challenges you may face to gain and maintain it. (Juno)

  2. Uncover your secret wounds, the personal hurts that only you can know, and ways to heal them. (Chiron)

  3. Discover where to hold, embrace and nurture – and where to let go – to save and preserve what you love the most. (Ceres)

  4. Uncover the secrets of sacrifice, the shining wisdom that transforms defeat into victory with a single bold step. (Pallas)

  5. Unveil the inner altar of your eternal flame, where the secrets of sexuality meet the fires of creation. (Vesta)
When you understand these keys to your hidden side, your most personal, sensitive issues become the power that unlocks inner happiness and outer success.

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Sample Report

Celebrity Sample Report

The four major Asteroids and Chiron fill out the chart; exploring aspects of spirituality and empowerment in the realm of the feminine in the chart.