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A Reference Manual for our Children

The following extract is take from the Zodiac Child Report from Esoteric Technologies.

The full report averages 20 pages, includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful graphics. The text has been written by astrologer and journalist Stephanie Johnson and the artwork created by children’s book artist Janet Bridgland. A full colour birthchart is also provided with this report.

Family and Friends

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

-- Lao Tso

The Moon

The Moon tells you about your child's emotional nature and basic needs. It is also the key to how they experience intimacy in relationships. The Moon tells you about your child’s relationship with their mother, how they experience their mother's nurturing. As a result it can also give you insights on how to best nurture your children as babies and maturing young adults. When a child feels safe and has their basic needs met, they are better able to achieve their goals later in life.

The Moon is in Sagittarius

Tara is adventurous and boisterous, liking nothing better than to spend hours playing with her parents, siblings and friends. Tara needs to feel genuinely loved and thrives in a warm and nurturing environment. She invents plenty of antics to gain other people's attention. As a baby and a young child, Tara enjoys spontaneous outings rather than being settled into a routine. Even a trip to the supermarket can be an adventure with Tara in tow. Parents need to be aware of Tara's need to explore, providing safe boundaries. This is a child who will jump from one activity to another without necessarily showing caution. Tara will probably need personal freedom and independence.  New faces fascinate her and she needs plenty of friends because she could become bored if she has to spend too much time in the same company. Tara can adapt to most situations and will enjoy all kinds of people. 

Learning to read is an important step in young Tara's life, providing hours of comfort and nurturing her need for exploring different realms. For this reason a varied library is a great resource, as well as puzzles, games and videos. However, it is the outings to the zoo, park and playgrounds that really excite Tara. Depending on other aspects of Tara's chart, she enjoys an independent mother. In fact it is likely that her mother is an enthusiastic and enterprising woman, who enjoys young Tara and also feels comfortable leaving her occasionally with other warm and loving caretakers.

The Moon is in the 7th House

From the moment of birth, Tara forms a close bond with her mother. Perhaps Tara has special needs that require her mother's considerable attention, or perhaps she holds a special charm for her mother. Either way this bond with her mother is likely to have an important influence on her life and relationships. A nourishing, loving union with mother results in a confident and charming child. For this reason it is important that Tara's mother has a balanced approach to parenting, showing as much love and affection as possible, but also setting realistic limits. Otherwise there is a possibility that young Tara can become overly dependent on her mother if over protected. Alternatively, Tara could become fiercely independent if mother is too emotionally distant. The sign of Tara's Moon influences the likelihood of dependence or independence. A child with a Moon in the sign of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aquarius is more likely to develop independence. However, a child with a Moon in the signs of Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn may want to hold on much longer and need some encouragement to explore the world. Of course there is no need for mother to worry. She needs simply to take note of the fact that it is her role to teach young Tara how to relate to other people in a healthy manner. As a result Tara's natural charm and love of people is allowed to develop as well as her independence. This is a child who delights in the company of others and knows how to relate to people of all ages.


The planet Venus describes your child's personal relationships with family and friends. Like a Moon, Venus is important in describing how your child prefers to interact. This planet also gives vital information about your child's receptivity to love. This is important because a child feels loved in different ways. Some children feel cherished when loved ones are paying them lots of attention, whereas others feel most loved when given the freedom to go their separate ways. Therefore gaining an understanding of the planet Venus in your child's chart can give you insights into how to encourage rewarding relationships with family and friends.

Venus is in Libra

Tara is an attractive baby and child who easily gains the attention of her nearest and dearest. Tara charms friends and family members, enjoying the sheer pleasure of being with those she loves. Friends and family members effortlessly reciprocate. Tara is eager to please those she loves, going out of her way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy. She likes harmony. As well as enjoying a harmonious home environment, Tara enjoys social gatherings, outings and club activities. A well-mannered child, young Tara makes a delightful little host.

The planet Venus does well in the sign of Libra. The only challenge is that Tara responds poorly to conflict. She becomes agitated and either tries to escape fraught situations or tries to make things better. Usually she tries first to be the little diplomat. When she has reached the end of her tether, Tara withdraws to her own little world. Parents and mentors need to ensure that conflict is resolved quickly and appropriately. This will teach young Tara that conflict can be a positive step forward in human relations. Tara shows a strong preference for refined, rather than coarse behaviour. She is enchanted by the arts including painting, music, theatre and ballet. Tara may have a talent in one particular art form, or may simply enjoy the pleasure of being an observer or listener.

Venus is in the 5th House

Tara is a light-hearted and fun-loving child, who enjoys interacting with other children and family members. Family and friends enjoy Tara's company. There is no shortage of people wanting to take little Tara on outings. Tara particularly enjoys any activity linked with beauty or art, such as being able to dress up in beautiful clothes or going out to a colourful theatre performance. Because the 5th House represents leisure interests and creativity, Tara may have an urge to express herself in a creative or artistic way, and may have a talent for music, art, dance, theatre or an artistic craft.  Even though she may not pursue a career in the arts, some sort of creative outlet will provide her with greater personal fulfillment and well-being.  Creative activities may restore her equilibrium and balance in times of stress. 

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"Your findings were amazing.  Certainly coincided with my own feelings on the personalities of my children.    

At present, I have been adapting my parenting to suit their individuality and level of understanding. 

I can fine tune these methods more to ensure their self confidence, individuality, skills and talents are able to thrive naturally."