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Just for Women Report

Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of a Matrix Software, Just for Women report, created from Britney Spears' birth data. These excerpts show the writing style of the author Gloria Star.

An Overall Glimpse at Your Astrological Chart

The astrological signs are defined by one of four elements: fire, earth, air or water. The fire and air elements have a yang (masculine polarity) quality, and tend to be more outgoing and assertive in their nature, whereas the earth and water elements have a yin (feminine polarity) quality, and are more receptive by nature. The elemental balance in your chart is determined by the amount of energy within each elemental sign. The factors added together to find this balance of energy include the Sun, Moon, planets and the angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven.

Your chart shows a strong predominance of air energy, indicating that you function very easily on the mental plane. Living in the world of ideas, you may also gain strength when you are connected to others - at least mentally. Your social calendar is important, not because it's frivolous, but because you need to make contact. Most comfortable with others who are intelligent or interesting, you may be a natural in public relations. It's easy for you to stay in your head, which can be wonderful if you're involved in a mental project or study. But if you're stuck worrying, you may find it difficult to break the habit.

Another aspect of your basic nature is determined by the balance of the modes in your chart. The modes are also defined by sign, which are grouped together as either cardinal, fixed or mutable. Your strongest mode is Cardinal, indicating that your basic approach to life is one of getting things started. You're an initiator, and are happiest when you're beginning something new. This factor sometimes indicates an enhanced sense of courage and enthusiasm. A strong ability to get things going, maintain your inspiration, carry through with your commitments and complete projects. Your ability to deal with different styles and human diversity enhances your spirit of cooperation, and makes you a good choice for leadership positions. Your strongest mode of energy is mutable, conferring a powerful sense of adaptability to your personality. Your flexibility is your strength, but your distractible nature is your weakness. Sometimes you may feel like a circus juggler with too many objects in the air at one time, and you may need to constantly remind yourself to focus on the task at hand instead of leaving something midstream. Your weakest link is in fixity, which indicates that you sometimes fail to stay with a person, project or situation until you've completed your obligation or task....

Projection of Your Real Self

Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being.

With your Sun in Sagittarius you are a woman who thrives on the grand adventure of life. You may feed this urge through travel or education, but you also fulfill it through your spiritual quests. Your enthusiasm is difficult to miss, and you can inspire others to reach beyond their limitations through the example of your own life. But you can also be difficult to follow, and may head into a new territory before you've even warmed your chair.

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you. Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Libra. You project an air of refinement and grace with Libra rising, and may take special care with your wardrobe, hair and appearance. Others may see you as beautiful. Your sense of color and style may be exceptional, and you can definitely pull off a class act when you want. You're most comfortable in a serene environment and prefer to maintain a sense of social grace and charm whenever possible. If there is difficulty, you may be the one called upon to help achieve harmony. Venus, the planetary energy associated with your rising sign, is in Capricorn in your chart. This influence adds a businesslike attitude to your demeanor. You can easily look the part of the executive, although when you're at home, you may opt for more practical attire.

With Mercury in sextile aspect to your Ascendant, your intellectual or communicative abilities may shine through in a positive manner. You may feel quite at ease in social situations, and have the ability to make others feel comfortable, too. This can be developed as a positive skill which is useful in every dimension of your life - from boardroom to bedroom.

The energy of Uranus in sextile aspect to your Ascendant adds a flair of independence and autonomy to your personality. You can feel quite comfortable letting your uniqueness shine through in your mannerisms, dress and attitudes. You have a knack for doing things which can amaze and intrigue others. It's almost as though your sense of rhythm with the natural flow is finely tuned. Although you may not always be easy to accept, particularly by those who want everything to be predictable and "traditional", you can take an alternative path and may be able to make it work quite nicely.

There are many different facets of the Moon in your chart. But when it comes to your identity, your Moon speaks volumes about who you are at the deepest level: the soul of your being. Your Aquarius Moon stimulates your need to know as much as possible. Because of this, others may see you as an intellectual sort, whether you think of yourself in this manner or not. At the core of your being, you know that you are pure consciousness, and it is that feeling which drives you and keeps you alive. You can feel that part of you which is connected to the whole of humanity, but you may not like what you see when you look at people, since humans are not always humanitarian. Because of this connection, you may sense that your life is not entirely your own, that somehow, you're here to make a difference. And  so you are......

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