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Below is an excerpt from Matrix Software's Solar Return report. These interpretations apply to the year ahead, based upon the principles outlined in The Solar Return Book of Prediction by Raymond A. Merriman (Seek-It Publications, 1977, West Bloomfield, MI).

The Importance of the Solar Return Moment:

But once you know how things work, you can be the maven of juggling your priorities..."Being There on Time"

The exact time of one's solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. Such a moment constitutes an "event," and as with all events, this one too is the basis for a horoscope of import.

However the importance of this horoscope is unique only to the individual to whom it applies. The quality of that "moment" (i.e. the time of one's solar return) becomes the "seed" of that annual cycle. It is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for that one-year cycle. A "moment" of such importance favors a certain mind-set of the individual as it occurs. This is especially true if one accepts the premise that thought creates (or influences) reality. If every moment of time has it's own unique quality, then one would want the "quality" of the solar return "moment" to be special in a favorable way, especially since it becomes the horoscope for the year in that person's life.

Given this premise, the individual is encouraged to enter the solar return moment with a sense of reverence. The individual is encouraged to put some thought and effort into assuring that this moment is somehow empowered, infused, with an energy or thoughts consistent with what that individual would want to experience in the coming year.

Key Quality
Your inner inclination to give everyone their due and the benefit of the doubt, may make your affections appear too spread out or uncommitted to some, when in fact the opposite is the case. You are intensely loyal, just not blindly exclusive.

Virgo on the Second Cusp
Constructive developments, either through work or business, can enhance your financial structure. Although formerly you may have detested routine work, you will probably find yourself in a position where proper attention to details will be required. Your daily routine may involve keeping records of expenses or of special equipment purchased in your line of work. You may be spending more than you have in the past for health care or products -- not necessarily for yourself, but possibly for your marriage partner or a domestic pet.

Uranus in the Second House
There is the element of the unexpected that colors your financial picture. A new situation is developing that proves interesting, yet disruptive in the steady flow of monetary gain. It may be a new job, or perhaps a side job in which there is fluctuation of earnings. Sudden gains appear through the most unusual and unexpected situations. However, losses can occur just as abruptly through the business, car, or home, requiring expensive computer, battery, or electrical repairs. Friends, clubs, organizations, or attending seminars or conventions can prove gainful or stressful concerning financial affairs.

Pluto in the Second House
Joint monetary resources will play a dominate role in your life during this trend. You will either give investments serious consideration, consolidate your bills, pay off a mortgage, apply for a loan, go bankrupt, or increase your insurance. If you are married, your spouse may go on social security, sick benefits, or an early retirement. There is the possibility of working in collaboration with others on a project that involves joint monetary arrangements. You may be placed in a position of writing payroll cheques, handling insurance claims, making out wills, working in the medical field, or in any position where you have control over a department, people, or machinery. ATO auditing is possible, so keep good records and precise income tax deductions.

Neptune in the Fourth House
Psychic ability is enhanced. An interest in music may encourage you to purchase a piano, organ, or another instrument for your home. Unusual conditions may surround various members of your family. Your home may take on a hospital atmosphere should a parent or marriage partner develop an illness requiring constant care, nursing, or medication to be administered. Look for your ideal home during a rainstorm to prevent the possibility of a leaky roof or basement. Be on the alert for gas odours, or sewer and plumbing problems. Secret or mysterious situations may surround your home base or the affairs of a family member.

Sun in Taurus
Your progressed Sun in Taurus projects more fixity of purpose in your character. You have an amiable disposition, steadfast and patient. You are slower to anger than in the past, yet you can be furious when enraged. There is greater pride in personal possessions and a fondness for the beautiful and artistic. Your impulsive tendencies are lessening somewhat, as you become more conservative and give more thought to new ideas and projects. This new sustained attitude can be most fortunate in accumulation of wealth and possessions, providing greater success through discriminative and practical handling of business affairs. The patronage of women and other contacts with wealthy or influential individuals may have a positive influence upon your personal endeavours. Be careful that you do not permit others to be a source of financial drain upon your resources.

Sun in the Ninth House
This is the house of personal protection, influence, and good fortune. Your lofty aspirations and desire for public recognition can be achieved through higher education. Creative talents are best expressed through wide-scale media. Working with radio, television or publications can increase self-confidence and assist in bolstering your ego. Professional people of wealth and prominence, and those of vastly different backgrounds are likely to touch upon your life. Men can be of valuable assistance by opening the door to opportunities for future gains and advancements. This placement is associated with travel or communications with those in distant cities, in-laws nd financial gain. You love to travel, but it must be first class all the way. Romance appears likely with a person of a different background......

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