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Your Solar Return Report

Below is an excerpt from the Solar Return Report from Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc. and written by Horatio Valsecia.

***** INTRODUCTION *****

The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time each year. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun's return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return. From this, it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

***** FIRST PART *****

Chapter 1:

General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Sagittarius:

This is a period of expansion, personal growth and general good luck. You will feel a desire to expand your sphere of interest beyond that with which you are familiar. Your idealism will also increase, and you will have a strong interest in the fields of religion, philosophy, law, metaphysics, and in advanced science. You will draw people to you who are positive and helpful.

Your desire for independence will be strong, along with a desire to travel and become acquainted with distant lands. If you have been thinking about taking a vacation, this is a good year to do it. You will carry out your plans with great enthusiasm.  And this year you think big! Nothing less will do.

You may feel discontented and restless with your normal, daily routine. There will be a tendency to exaggerate, to be overly optimistic, and to be so preoccupied with the outcome that you ignore any potential dangers. You will have faith in yourself and your plans, but there is a risk of making mistakes that you will later regret if you do not plan well and pay attention to necessary details. Be positive but realistic!

If you are by nature quite serious and reserved, this year you will surprise everyone. You will become more talkative and spontaneous. If you are normally outspoken and friendly, these traits may be even more emphasized. But regardless of your basic temperament, good humor will prevail and you will find ways to resolve any problems you may encounter....

Solar Return MC Virgo:

This year favors all tasks, projects and objectives requiring mental proficiency and accuracy. You will feel the need for perfection in everything you do and will analyze your work more carefully. You will be more particular and careful in your work or business, therefore doing an excellent job with everything you do.

Your helpful side will come to the surface now and you will be willing to collaborate and cooperate with everyone who needs it. Although you will concentrate mostly on business achievements, you won't entirely neglect your personal life.  Work or business related to administration, organization, detail work, and the sciences are very favorable. It is important during this year that you continue to study and to improve in areas where you may need it. Don't neglect your intellectual growth!....

Chapter 2:

Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in 6th house:

You will work a lot during this year and will concentrate your energy on searching for more efficient and successful ways to do your work, especially if you are working for an employer. You will want to stand out from the rest of your associates for your good work and for the authority which you command, which could arouse jealousy and envy. If you work independently, this year should bring favorable   working relationships with employees or service providers and vendors. In any case, work will be an important part of your life this year.

You may be more inclined to concentrate on service of some kind where you can use your abilities to help others.

It would be best to pay special attention to your health this year as there could be some problems. If you already have poor health, you should take extra care during this year. It is recommended that you watch your nutrition, adopting a diet that gives you the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs. If you consider yourself a normally healthy person, don't take it for granted and be careful not to work yourself to exhaustion. It is important to watch your energy level and not overwork. Any health problem that manifests could be due to overdoing physically but it could also be due to emotional causes. If the Sun's aspects to other planets, which are described below, are especially negative, you should be especially careful to take care of yourself and not to overdo....

Sun opposition Jupiter:

There is a tendency to get involved in projects that could be beyond your capacity. Be realistic and don't get carried away with your exaggerated enthusiasm. Your positive attitude and your imagination will increase. This influence encourages you to undertake tasks or to run risks that you have not dared to do before. It is important that you don't overextend your energy so that you will be able to finish what you have started.

You could also become too generous and extravagant. This will be more noticeable if by nature you are a conservative person. You probably won't pay much attention to details or the opinions of others, which could lead to some sort of trouble. You also could become somewhat careless with your paper work and neglect to do what is expected of you....

Chapter 3:

The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Aries :

Your emotions will be intense and strong. You will show great enthusiasm and vitality and a considerable increase of your own self-esteem. On the other hand, you could also become more anxious and impatient than usual and express your feelings too strongly which could offend some people. Try to be more considerate and harmonious or you could have problems with the public in general....

Solar Return Moon in 5th house:

You will be inclined to make investments or take part in a speculative business that has a certain margin of risk. The earnings will be unexpected and could come through playing games of chance.

In addition, your physical attraction and personal magnetism will increase, which could bring romantic adventures. You will be drawn to seek out a life of pleasure and will want to have a good time all year. Other people will court you and you will receive countless invitations. This could cause trouble if you are in a committed relationship. You will also express your emotions in a more dramatic manner....

***** SECOND PART *****


HOUSE 1:  Personality.  Principal interest of the year.

Asc on 10th natal house:

You will center all your attention on the advancement of your career. You will direct your energies toward growth and expansion of your professional possibilities. Success will fundamentally depend on your effort and personal initiative.

During this year, you will want to make your dreams a reality and will develop definite objectives which will improve your future. Remember that success or failure of your enterprises will depend almost exclusively on your own will....

Pluto in 1st house of Solar Return:

Your personality will undergo profound changes due to buried and repressed inner emotions and memories coming to the surface of your consciousness. It won't be easy for you to control your reactions, and you will be more nervous and act more impulsively than usual.

You should confront these inner emotions and memories during this year as you will find that you have the necessary strength of will to do so. You can make many positive changes, especially in your inner self. You will see and appreciate things in your surroundings in a different way. However, if you don't allow this energy to flow easily and produce the desired transformation within you, you will have a difficult year dealing with crises or very tense situations. Pay attention to your newly acquired needs and work on incorporating them into your life. You will confront new challenges and will have moments which will test your determination to meet them head on but you will know deep down inside that you can....

HOUSE 2:  Financial situation.

Solar Return 2nd house on 11th natal house:

Your monetary gain this year will depend in great measure on your social relationships and friendships. You will have a year of profit and financial growth due to the collaboration and influence of acquaintances and groups or associations you are involved with. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. During this year you will develop new plans and financial projects for the future....

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