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Your Solar Return Report

This is a report from Cosmic Patterns Software. Mary Fortier Shea is the author and has a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychology. She is also an astrological counsellor for clients across the country, with over 20 years professional experience. Her readings are spiritual, as well as psychological and practical. She is an international speaker and a favorite lecturer at many conventions. This report contains everything you want to know about your Solar Return.

What is a Solar Return Chart?

A solar return chart is a chart erected for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the position of the natal Sun. Once every year the transiting Sun goes through the entire zodiac, every degree, minute, and second of each sign. When you are born, the Sun in your natal chart has a specific position in the zodiac. This position can be measured exactly. At some point in time during each subsequent year, the transiting Sun returns to this exact position, conjuncting your natal Sun. The date and time when the conjunction occurs down to the exact second of arc is the time of the solar return chart. A chart is then calculated for that date, using the time (of the transiting Sun's return to your natal Sun's position), and your location (longitude and latitude) at the time of this conjunction.


Five or More Fire Planets

The fire personality is like a kid with a new toy, obsessed with one project, one job, one idea, one goal, one relationship, or one particular issue. Fire can burn too furiously and be quickly spent, however, the possibility for great achievement and productivity is there when a sense of timing is coupled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

You may need to compensate for heavy activity with quiet periods and withdrawal. Realize that you tend to exert energy in an cyclic manner and allow for slow periods. Optimise times of great activity by channeling your energy into constructive pursuits. Intellectual spirituality and idealism are sometimes associated with a lot of fire planets in the solar return chart. There can be a love for the ideal or philosophical, but it is more common to simply feel inspired by future possibilities. This can be a time of great enthusiasm if you recognize your ability to create something new.

Zero or One Earth Planet

While the predominance of earth is generally associated with attention to financial matters, the lack of earth is more closely associated with financial limitations. Implied is a lack of money, through a loss of income, mismanagement, or self-imposed limitations. If you usually have money problems, then the lack of earth in the solar return chart can indicate increasing or continuing economic difficulties during the coming year. You may find that you have reached your credit limit and can no longer spend money without planning. You will not necessarily have employment problems, though sometimes that is the case. The lack of earth in the solar return chart suggests a lack of attention to financial concerns which can eventually lead to significant debt and overextension.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time to budget. Those individuals who are able to set their own limits use this time to become artificially poor and live on less money than earned. The lack of earth can indicate the desire to impose a strict system for saving money toward a large purchase such as a down payment on a home. In this case, the monetary pinch comes from your own savings program and not a lack of real funds or impinging debts. You can channel your money into various projects and expenses, leaving less to play with. If you are very concerned with your future financial security, vow to do something about it now.

For some individuals, the lack of money will not be a problem. You can place a greater emphasis on intangibles and therefore money is not a top priority. The quality of life is more important than the current financial state. If you are unhappy with your job, this is a good time to quit since career satisfaction will be more important to you than the salary you are paid. You are capable of living on less.


The Sun is the most significant planet in the solar return chart. Its position by house shows the most emphasised area of life during the coming year, how and where you expend the greatest amount of energy. The house placement of the Sun is reflected in the interpretation of the other planets, and may be the motivating force behind their symbolism.

Sun in 6th house:

Health is a concern when the Sun is in the 6th house, and you should start taking better care of yourself. Your health needs and/or attitudes are changing and it is time to create a line of communication between your mind and your body. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you; it is more important that you eat and exercise right according to your body than according to some nutrition book or philosophy. Health should come from the inside out. Pay close attention to the effect of various foods on your system and make adjustments accordingly. If you ignore your body's warnings during this year, you can expect to have new or continuing health problems. Usually major illnesses are only a problem with this position if you totally neglect or abuse your body.

The emphasis of the 6th house is more on the daily details of work than the overall career. Consequently, you are more job-oriented than career-oriented with this placement. The difference is very subtle. You are aware of major career issues when the Sun is in the 10th house, and you are more apt to work for promotion, recognition and career change during this time. Important decisions regarding profession are possible while career fulfillment is likely. But when the Sun is in the 6th house, your profession will tend to be stable, and the emphasis will be on immediate job issues and working situations. It is the daily procedures which are in a state of transition. This is an excellent time to reevaluate your work routines and make adjustments toward greater efficiency. Even if you love your job, you will find parts of your day tedious and boring. Streamline your operation and make changes where appropriate. You may be asked to adapt to changes beyond your control. Mergers and reorganizations can occur, affecting your work environment, position or job description. In a very negative manifestation, you may be laid off or forced to work overtime. Personal problems, illnesses, or family matters can also disrupt your work schedule. More positive manifestations include helping those in need, becoming more intuitive, and growing less concerned with selfish interests.

Sun Aspects Jupiter

Although Jupiter transits a new sign every year, Sun-Jupiter aspects do not occur in every solar return chart. The major task associated with Sun-Jupiter aspects is expansion of the personality into new areas of expertise. Hopefully, this expansion will be consistent with the individual's philosophical beliefs and spiritual goals. Jupiter's sign may be significant in some way, though usually it is the house placement that is important. For example, Jupiter in Capricorn can suggest a preoccupation with materialism. If Jupiter is also in the 4th house of the solar return chart, the individual may be looking to buy a bigger house in a more prestigious neighborhood. The main danger associated with this planet is a tendency toward excessive behavior and a refusal to curb personal needs and desires in consideration of others. Beneficial opportunities are associated with Jupiter; however, there is no guarantee of a positive return. You can augment the possibilities through enthusiasm.


The solar return Moon seems to have two consistent themes throughout all of the houses. First and most simply, the Moon is associated with change and fluctuation according to its house position. Secondly, and probably more importantly, the Moon reflects the individual's emotional nature during the solar return year.

The Moon as an Emotional Indicator

While we speak of the Moon as simply an indication of one's emotional nature, the actual interpretation of the Moon is more complex than simple. The Moon is not just an indicator of feelings; one's emotional nature is a multidimensional conglomeration of feelings, temperament, needs and unconscious responses. We cannot look at the Moon as one-sided; we must study its interpretation from a number of perspectives.

The Moon represents the individual's feelings regardless of whether or not they are expressed openly. The type of feelings you have during the year can be demonstrated by the Moon's sign, position, and aspects. The Moon's sign can be important even though the Moon has essentially only nineteen placements, because it is indicative of what the individual feels during the year and how he or she is most likely to exhibit those feelings.

Solar Return Moon in 5th house:

The start of a new romantic relationship is the most common event associated with the Moon in this house. This new relationship can be viewed as a "first" in one way or another. If you are very young, it may be your very first relationship or first meaningful relationship. If you are a little older, it can indicate the year you begin having sex, especially if you are emotionally involved with one particular person. It might be the first time you live with someone or begin dating the person you are going to marry. If you are older and more established in these areas, it may be the first time in a long time that you are emotionally involved with a new person. Regardless of your marital situation, this can be a year when you feel an emotional connection to a new person, and usually this connection is very compelling.

Unlike the Sun in the 5th house, the Moon is not necessarily associated with sexual attraction. The Sun seems to be more suggestive of a sexual affair. In fact, with the Sun in the 5th, the relationship may simply be a sexual fling with limited emotional contact. But the Moon is more closely associated with emotional needs in a relationship, and therefore the contact may or may not be sexual, though many times sexual involvement occurs. It is the desire for emotional sharing and expression that seems to be the main focus and motivation for the relationship. Then, as the relationship deepens and intimacy increases, sexual involvement develops. The need for emotional expression is probably the key to understanding the interpretation of the Moon in this house and romance is a wonderful means for expression. Though the give and take of a relationship is just one way to handle feelings, it is a way many people seem to choose.....

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