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The Two of You – And More

Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of Matrix Software's Simpáticos report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Bernie Ashman.

The Playing Field

Welcome Barbara and Bill, to your Simpáticos Profile, an analysis of your relationship through the use of a unique tool, the Composite Chart. This is a type of chart that astrologers use to get an overview of a partnership. It is constructed by using the midpoints between each of your individual charts. The Composite Chart is a Blueprint that represents a symbolic meeting place of your shared mental, physical, emotional and spiritual chemistry.

Have you wondered why the two of you find it easier to agree on some topics, and experience distance when trying to discuss others? This report will likely touch on some areas where you might need insight....

The Players: The 10 Planets

The planets represent the ways each of us act out various roles in pursuing our goals. In the Composite Chart, each planet is pointing to the choices we make collectively with our partner. The planetary discussions that follow represent the key tendencies of your relationship.

There is always freedom of choice. The planets indicate different directions you can travel together in your shared road map. Each of you must still travel the miles and decide the best way to get to mutual destinations. If you take a wrong turn or choose a very bumpy road, it is still possible to get back on the right highway....

Part One: The Lead Roles

Sun in Virgo

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple you are Solarized through the sign Virgo. This Sun sign gives your partnership great Powers of Observation. The keyword phrase for Virgo in traditional astrology is "I analyze." Your two minds have an ability to discriminate reality from foolish thinking in a heartbeat.

There are three basic themes that Virgo gives to your partnership. One is a strong belief in the work ethic. Our first Virgo cave dwelling ancestors could work circles around their contemporaries. A primordial tendency of this dependable earth sign is a conscientious attitude about work and duty.

What does Virgo mean for you? Encourage each other to find a meaningful career. Learning new skills to hone a craft can delight either one of you. Your business sense as a couple is probably sharp. The two of you can spot the bottom line of a business deal as fast as a cats eyes adjust to the dark. People will find you well organized, even if you don't always think this is true. You could operate a business together successfully...

Part Two: The Supporting Cast

Mercury in Virgo

Virgo + Mercury = Pragmatic (Virgo) Perception (Mercury). With your conscious mind (Mercury) occupying the sign Virgo, an emphasis on being very aware of details is indicated. The two of you prosper in a well-organized life style. You appreciate getting exact answers to each others questions. You look for the logic in one another's thinking. Take turns listening to your partner's concerns and ideas as it brings you closer in spirit.

Part Three: Planetary Aspects

Aspect Interpretations

Sun square Moon: These two planets play a major part in your romantic liaison as described in Part One. You have a high voltage aspect here regarding ego (Sun) and security instincts (Moon). It means you both have strong opinions about having your individual needs met. Letting each other feel important is a heartfelt need. You are apt to dance dramatically through life together. Listen to the imagination and creative impulse from one another's heart, and you won't step on ethers feet. This is an area that will require regular maintenance. Talk. Laugh a little. Don't hide your feelings. Be generous in lending your emotional support to each other as it goes a long way to ensuring stability and harmony. Your home is a place of refuge. It is where much of your creativity is born and stays stimulated. As a couple, you ask a lot from life and have the energy to fulfill individual and joint dreams.

Part Four: The Nodes of the Moon

Your shared North Node is in the sign Taurus. What does this offer you? Your partnership thrives on emotional stability. This doesn't mean you should never get angry. It is just indicating you prefer peace over emotional chaos. Taurus is an earth sign attached to creature comforts. Having the money to buy what you desire makes you both happy. You can acquire wealth together. A mutual appreciation for beauty is something you have in common. Neither one of you likes to go without affection for too long. This North Node placement adds a very resourceful touch to your lives. You could share a love of the outdoors. When you first met there might have been a comfortable feeling. You might have felt accepted at face value. Just be sure to include your partner on the big decisions that impact you both. Share your inner and outer selves so that your hearts remain close.

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