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The Benefits of Astrology Reports

To put astrology reports in perspective, ANY computerised report will not paint an exact picture of the individual (adult or child), the relationship or any forecast/prediction. The interpretations are only given as examples of how certain planetary placements in the birth, relationship or event chart operate. The way you act out these energies is unique to you; you have choices and you have control!  Heredity, parental conditioning, environment, gender, siblings, ethnicity etc are some influences that will shape your view of the world and your reactions to your environment. 

Astrology reports only define various possibilities; challenges, talents, events etc.  Characteristics, traits or themes shown in the chart may or may not happen or be evident – it all hinges on the person or people involved.  Because a computerised report will only interpret each individual component in the chart, the way all these pieces come together is unique to you.  Why some people are able to turn a negative event into positive outcome depends entirely on their attitude to life and their personal soul growth or karmic journey.  Why other people are depressed when faced with hardship is a choice they make. 

At the end of the day, most of us are looking for ways to improve our life and our relationships. By having a better understanding of who we are, will help us to achieve greater happiness and personal fulfilment.

Astrology, when used as a psychological tool, helps you to understand your challenges, learn how to conquer your fears and uncover and acknowledge your talents. Our journey through life is strewn with opportunities as well as obstacles, and it is up to us how we embrace them or neutralise them. Astrology gives us the benefit of both foresight and hindsight, so that we can develop and reach our full potential.

If any of the astrology reports capture your attention and you would like to know more, a consultation with an experienced professional astrologer would be of benefit. During these consultations you are able to discuss in depth how certain influences shown in your chart affect you – for better or worse. You may discover how to turn a challenge into an opportunity. 

What makes a champion? Invariably challenges and adversity seem to be the greatest motivators to achieving success!  With the self-awareness and self-knowledge gained by understanding your own challenges as shown in your birth chart, you have an opportunity to redirect these energies into a positive focus, so you too can become a champion in your own right!

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