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Complete Relationship Report

Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of a Complete Relationship Synastry & Composite Report by Astrolabe Inc.

Antonio’s Style of Relating

Antonio, to find someone who's right for you and then form a happy and lasting relationship, you first need to have a sense of who you really are and what you need and want. A look at your own birth chart will show where your strengths are and what you tend to lack. It can give you perspective on your own nature, helping you to make allowances for the blind spots that can harm your interactions with others. It can also give clues about what sort of love partner would make you feel most happy and complete.

Antonio’s Basic Character

You have many planets in Fire signs or houses.

With all this Fire symbolism in your chart, you're most likely a warm and enthusiastic person who enjoys actively engaging with the outer world. You also tend to be trusting and idealistic, and expect the best from others. If you're disappointed in their behaviour, you promise yourself that in the future you'll either avoid relationships or be more cautious in your dealings with people. But then you tend to forget these intentions. When a new potential partner appears on the scene, you decide that this new relationship is different, and enter it with your usual enthusiasm, optimism and bit of naiveté.

Being too trustful of others can open you to hurt, but becoming a cynic is not the solution. Yes, you can solicit other people's support in your endeavours, and use their encouragement to sustain your level of enthusiasm so that you can accomplish more and more. But also be as self-reliant as possible, and be sure to maintain your own identity. In the end, your positive attitude may rub off on those who are important to you, so that they'll participate more wholeheartedly in the relationship....

Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable modes are quite evenly balanced.

Having a fairly equal distribution of planets in Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs gives you a useful ability to suit your mode of action to the situation. When appropriate, you can behave in a Cardinal manner, leaping in to intervene directly. At other times, you can use the Fixed symbolism of your chart to be firm, stand your ground, and preserve what is valuable. You can also draw upon your Mutable strengths to be agile and adaptable, quickly shifting as the circumstances require. Overall, this helps you to adapt to whatever challenges your relationship presents. You may, however, need to make an effort to be understanding if you find your partner getting stuck in one mode.

Your Sun is in Leo. Your Sun in Leo reinforces the idea that you probably aren't the shy and retiring type. Whether or not you're literally on stage, you're a natural actor, and all you need is an audience of one. If you're performing before those who applaud and sing your praises, you'll tend to be warm and outgoing. If you feel ignored or disapproved of, you may seek attention by becoming louder and louder, and may shout your own praises in the hope that others will realize that you're worth liking. Your partner can always bring out your best side by telling you and others how wonderful you are......

Antonio’s Axis of Relationship

You have Pisces rising.

This means that you tend to be highly intuitive, have an active imagination, and operate a great deal on your feelings. To complement these qualities in yourself, you may be drawn to a partner who is down-to-earth and operates on practical facts. In this way, a significant other can provide useful balance for your tendency to flutter around and be a bit ungrounded. Such a person can take care of some of your practical needs, giving you more time to be creative and use your imagination. And you in return may help that person to relax a little and occasionally escape from the nitty-gritty world. That person may also take pleasure in watching you be creative and use your imagination.....

The sign Cancer is on your Fifth-House cusp.

Your idea of fun on a date probably has to do with eating or spending time cozily at home. The two of you may also enjoy spending time with family, exploring your roots, or talking about each others’ past. Other ways of getting to know each other could include looking at real estate, or playing at something else that involves creating a nest.

Basically, in your romances and love affairs, you enjoy mothering and being mothered. For you, romantic bliss consists mainly of feeling connected and comfortable in each others presence. It's important for you to feel at home with the object of your affection and to work on making that individual comfortable with you....

The sign Leo is within the Fifth House.

There is also, however, a part of you that wants some high romance and drama now and then. Sometimes you want to emerge from the nest, get up on stage, and be adored. The Cancerian mothering quality can take a lavish or theatrical turn as one of you plays the mother and the other the adored child.

A Chart for Your Relationship

The Overall Balance in Your Composite Chart

Before looking at each individual point in your composite chart, let's just see whether there are any particularly dominant themes.

There are few or no planets in Earth signs.

It is probable that the two of you tend not to make your decisions or plan your actions based on down-to-earth information. In fact, elaborate details are likely to bore you, and material goals do not offer an incentive to get you moving. You may be viewed as impractical. This has its advantages in that you probably are not asked to be in charge of projects that require organization and long-term commitment.

Though you are capable of taking care of your physical needs, your interests lie elsewhere. You may have to convince yourselves that tending to your material requirements will enrich you in other ways, or find someone outside of your partnership to handle these matters for you.

Your Basic Style of Relating

Assuming that both you and your partner have given relatively accurate birth times, the Ascendant of your composite chart is one of the most powerful indicators of the quality of your relationship. The sign on your composite Ascendant gives important clues about how you as a couple relate to the outside world, the type of people you're drawn to, and how others perceive your relationship. It can also show how you relate to each other. Any planet conjunct or in some other close aspect to the composite Ascendant is likely to symbolize one of the strongest themes in your life together, at least in the location where you are living now.

Your composite Ascendant is in Gemini.

As a couple you tend to be socially adept and able to fit in with whatever group you wish. This does not, however, mean that you are an integral part of any group. Liking variety, you prefer to move around, not staying with any one group long enough to become committed to it. Besides, if you remained in one arena for too long, you might have to learn more about others and give more of yourselves than you have the patience or desire to do. Another reason to keep moving is that you are good skimmers, but not necessarily good probers. Quickly picking up group jargon, you can seem knowledgeable even to experts. If you hang around too long, however, your lack of in-depth information will start to show. Still, your congeniality and ability to chat with anyone will make you a popular duo on the social scene....

Venus is sextile the Ascendant.

You and your partner obviously are attracted to each other and enjoy sharing pleasure. In fact, you each want to help enhance the individual personality of the other and to experience more personal love and pleasure. With this kind of support system you can only feel better and better about yourselves. And this personal confidence contributes to the charm and attractiveness that is part of your joint personality. You can easily make each other comfortable and happy. The only warning is to be careful not to over-indulge yourselves and each other. A little over-indulgence is all right. But if you overdo too often, the negative effects could begin to outweigh the benefits. Try to think of ways to make each other happy without over-extending yourselves. Another possibility is to include people you care about in the fun and games you and your partner share. If you do this you cannot be accused of being self-centered. And you can spread the pleasure, which will only make the two of you more charming and magnanimous....

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