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Bruce Scofield's interpretations are full of practical wisdom to help you understand the major themes and issues that you could encounter during the year.

Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of Professional Forecaster; Transits and Progressions Report by Astrolabe Inc.

Twelve Month Forecast Report

6 Jun 2006

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Venus  - Exact. ****

10° 17` Scorpio to 10° 17` Taurus
Things are really happening in your social life now. Relations with others are entering a growth phase, one that demands conscious choices. Differences between people take on greater importance. Meetings and gatherings, such as weddings and parties, may be important, excessive or obligatory. Keep your expectations and estimates realistic......

9 Jun 2006

Progressed Moon conjunct natal Venus  - Begins. *****

09° 16` Taurus to 10° 17` Taurus
This progression involves the combining of the two most feminine symbols in astrology. Females may find this a time when their feelings are strongly accentuated, and they become more closely bonded with other women and with family. Men may find themselves more involved with the feminine world, either through activities or through direct personal involvement. Both sexes will feel an urge to partner and nest, or to find creative outlets for their feelings through social exchanges, artistry and domestic activities. These urges may extend a month before and after this progressed aspect is exact.

10 Jun 2006

Transiting Uranus square natal Sun - Ends. *****

14° 03` Pisces to 15° 00` Gemini

This major transit could feel like a life crisis, a time of sudden, unexpected upsets and changes in various parts of your life. It can bring about conditions that stimulate disruptive and rebellious behaviors, and it may not be an easy time for you socially. You might find yourself interacting with some rather extreme characters, or friends and groups around you could undergo changes. Also, sudden physical stress or strain could result in spinal injuries (so take special care of your back).

Underlying this transit is a need to be different, to develop your uniqueness and stand out as an individual. Remember this if the times seem stormy. Much of the disruption could come from rigidity and fear when faced with the changes that the universe is demanding. You may react by going rigid, or others may react either by stringently objecting to your behavior, or by themselves behaving in a way that shocks or disturbs you. Either way, you may be able to help this transit go easier by examining your own attitudes. This is because what is happening around you is probably a reflection of your own fears. So confront your own feelings about change, disruption, standing out from the crowd and being thought rebellious or weird. Know that it is good to be unique, and will yourself to be more flexible and spontaneous. Have trust in the process, and you will emerge from this transit with a sense of liberation.

Transiting Saturn enters your Sixth House - Exact. ***

07° 56` Leo to 07° 56` Leo
Work and adjustments in schedule may present some problems to you now. You should organize and improve efficiency in your working situation, yet still be prepared for some obstacles. You will need patience and endurance during this period to see long-range changes in work routines become established. Health and sickness may be prominent in your life or in people around you now, particularly chronic conditions. Eat properly and exercise regularly to prevent any really serious problems.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Mercury  - Exact. ***

25° 34` Sagittarius to 25° 34` Taurus
Your mind is active, paperwork may be aggravating, and driving and communications stressful. You will probably need to do some adapting to changed or transformed circumstances in matters of communications and also transportation. Make repairs now.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Jupiter  - Ends. *

08° 01` Leo to 07° 01` Pisces
You may need to make some tough decisions now, or adapt to changing legal, financial, and occupational conditions. Your confidence and belief in yourself will be tested. Although you may feel restless, be patient, make decisions carefully, and move ahead with your life.

19 Jun 2006

Transiting Neptune semisquare natal North Node- Begins*****

19° 36` Aquarius to 03° 36` Aries
Disappointments in relationships and in your social or family life are possible trends during the course of this transit. Be critical of contacts you make during this period with spiritual, artistic or sensitive persons. Also, be critical of where your present connections are leading.

28 June 2006

Solar arc Jupiter quincunx natal Mars  - Ends. *

00° 31` Taurus to 29° 31` Virgo
High energy situations. Over-doing it. Impulsive actions and poor judgments. Differences of opinions. Legal and philosophical conflicts. Rebelliousness. Impatience.

1 Jul 2006

Transiting Saturn square natal Venus - Exact. ***

10° 17` Leo to 10° 17` Taurus
Tough decisions and evaluations about relationships, finances, and aesthetics need to be made. Socially, this may be a challenging time for you. At the very least, interactions with others will tend to be structured and formal, or there will be boundaries and obstacles. You may experience some separations from others. Your feelings may be blocked and you may feel depressed, isolated, and fearful of interaction. Some private time and space may be helpful to you in this regard. Handle financial matters prudently now as money may also be tight at this time.

4 Jul 2006

Progressed Mercury opposite natal Ascendant  - Begins. *****

05° 23` Virgo to 06° 23` Pisces
Your relationships with others are highlighted now, particularly in regard to communications and agreements. On a personal level you may need to say something important to a significant other. On a business level, you may need to sign important documents. The process of relating is moving into a more conscious and verbal area. The things that you do and say now will influence your relationships. This is also a time for meetings and for furthering friendships over conversation. It’s a time for driving or walking with others and sharing ideas....

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