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The extracts below have been taken from Matrix Software's Midpoint Keys report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author; Laura DesJardins.

The full report covers the natal midpoints as well as transits, progressions and solar arc directions for 2 years. The report length is approximately 70-90 pages.

Your Birth Chart:
Midpoint Combinations

The natal midpoints represent our birth traits, our strengths, weaknesses and potential for personal growth. Each midpoint could involve others who are part of our life's path. Thus, a natal midpoint may apply to family and friends as opposed to the energy being directed to the self. Likewise, the medical influences and health issues mentioned are often manifest by others in our lives as opposed to the self. The possible medical problems, as well as the "shadow side" of a midpoint may never become an active manifestation of the midpoint's energy when addressed early. Keep an open mind when reading the interpretations of a midpoint since they are geared to both the higher and lower manifestations of the energy, and be aware that medical references should not be treated as a diagnosis. Psychological or physical symptoms or problems should be directed to the appropriate professional for diagnosis and evaluation. The timing of the events indicated by these natal midpoints are activated by progressions, directions and finally transits as the final touch off point sometime in the future.

Moon=Uranus/Midheaven Natal

One has the capacity to move up in the world and/or make a big move for their employment, which usually happens suddenly. This may manifest by moving to a completely different type of place. This also relates to the volatile mother who has many mood swings and could have a chemical imbalance. But on the positive side, there could be the gathering of a group of women for the attainment of knowledge.

Mercury=Saturn/Uranus Natal

One may convert from being limited in the way they think to a free way of expressing their ideas. Freeing one's self from the past is the main manifestation of this, as well as feeling excited about new insights and having a new love of study. This denotes the removal of old thought patterns that have been limiting and having the desire to learn new ways to communicate effectively. The best example of this would be the conversion from MS DOS to Windows, thus, stepping up the pace and becoming more state-of-the-art in one's personal awareness.

Mercury=Uranus/Pluto Natal

There are sudden unusual insights that come with this position, giving perceptive abilities, as in clairvoyance or having future sight. One may have writing and public speaking gifts along with strong ideals and transformational thinking. On the shadow side of this energy, one may have an unpredictable nature or lack of stable reality, which can create confusion when trying to explain their thoughts to another.

Venus=Sun/Mercury Natal

There can be effective communication with the people one loves as well as having the capacity to talk about love with others and/or writing about love. With this, good news can come or one could have pleasant communications with their mate. It represents healthy relationships, where there is good communication between each other. On a professional level, one may have sales skills and the ability to be multifaceted. There is a love of learning and gathering of knowledge and it also gives artistic skills.

Mars=Jupiter/Midheaven Natal

Making a big decision or being involved in legal matters is a manifestation of this energy. There's cooperation from others and teamwork now. One can be attracted to someone who is more of the physical, well-endowed type with lots of sex appeal...

Active Midpoints: Aug 01, 2004 to Aug 01, 2006

When interpreting the active midpoints one should keep in mind that the strongest midpoint is the one that is activating a natal midpoint. Thus if your natal midpoint has been activated by transit or progression/direction, then the possibility of the events happening are much stronger. The transits to that natal midpoint seem to be the final timer on an event, which could be indicated in the birth chart. These interpretations address not only what could likely happen for the self but also for others. These midpoints also relate to medical issues, which could be for the self and or others around you. Many times these interpretations medically will have already been addressed, since one may have been working on their personal habits long before, thus arresting any ill effects from the midpoint. The activation of midpoints can happen as early as 1 degree or the equivalent of one year ahead of the exact hit, thus it's good to really look ahead at the energy being activated (by directed planets especially) during the coming year. The active midpoints look at our potential for personal growth, act as a guide for our future and can be used as an adjunct to the usual techniques of interpretive astrology.

Aug 05, 2004 Jupiter = Jupiter/Midheaven
(Successful Business) Transit

Jupiter, when in combination with the MC, gives great success within one's career along with potential opportunities to expand and move up in the world. This energy relates to heights, thus one could reach their career heights under this influence. People may move from one location to another, which denotes moving to a larger home and/or work or to another country. Usually there can be opportunities laid out by a grandparent and/or the inheriting the family business. People who do a lot of travel for business, especially to foreign lands have this, and they seem to do well when in business with or for foreigners. On a medical level this relates to a successful outcome to the diagnosis and it denotes the prominent doctor.

Aug 05, 2004 Moon = Sun (The Union) Progressed

This represents the union of yin and yang, night versus day, the masculine versus the feminine energy. These are the unions that result in marriage or the merger of two opposites. It is also a time when one experiences the uniting of the self, the right and left brain merging, and/or the coming together of two separate identities. Duality issues seem to come up with this, which signifies the union of the spirit and the soul, the active versus the passive side of oneself. It represents the bringing of the unconscious self together with conscious awareness. It gives us awareness of our position in the world so we can get in touch with what we really want out of life, thus giving the direction we want to go in next. This helps us to then begin working on our long-term goals, especially in the area of relationships. We can also develop latent talents now, this is one of the most creative of the life cycles. This is a time for us to identify with our home and family, which will give us a feeling of personal satisfaction, especially in the area of developing ones capacity to love and be loved. Sharing with others the good fortune that one has gained, thus giving and receiving is another facet of this energy.

One has the capacity to be the center of attention, popular and recognized for their skills, which may give awareness of our need for inner development and personal growth. This relates to the healthy person, who has much charisma and vitality that they exert on a daily level making them well liked in their social circle. This also represents yoga, which gives the body balance on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of consciousness.

Aug 09, 2004 Jupiter = Mars (Enthusiastic Beliefs) Transit

Mars and Jupiter combine physical energy and philosophy into one, giving enthusiasm when it comes to the beliefs. It denotes legal matters, contractual agreements and awareness....

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