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Inner Growth, Outer Developments

Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of a Life Progressions Report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author; Sophia Mason.

Your Life Progressions for Oct 01, 2006

Leo on the First Cusp
You possess a personal magnetic appeal that draws admiration from others. You have self-assurance, coupled with a dramatic flair that desires to be the center of attention. You may speak more loudly than you have in the past. You want very much for others to hear your opinions and may, at times, be too aggressive in the attempt. Upgrading your appearance is important, as you seek the latest styles and better quality. You want to project an air of authority, and you long for personal independence in your career. If you do not have your own business, you would prefer the role of leadership in a supervisory position. This is the time to undertake new studies that can aid you in the career of your choice. Romance and investments are highlighted -- as are the affairs of children (not necessarily your own). Someone within your immediate environment may experience problems with their eyes, back, or heart. The position of your progressed ascendant ruler, Sun, can provide additional insight into new circumstances and motivational influences touching your life at this time.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Key Quality
Your inner inclination to give everyone their due and the benefit of the doubt may make your affections appear too spread out or uncommitted to some, when in fact the opposite is the case. You are intensely loyal, just not blindly exclusive.

Virgo on the Second Cusp
Constructive developments, either through work or business, can enhance your financial structure. Although formerly you may have detested routine work, you will probably find yourself in a position where proper attention to details will be required. Your daily routine may involve keeping records of expenses or of special equipment purchased in your line of work. You may be spending more than you have in the past for health care or products -- not necessarily for yourself, but possibly for your marriage partner or a domestic pet.

Uranus in the Second House
There is the element of the unexpected that colors your financial picture. A new situation is developing that proves interesting, yet disruptive, in the steady flow of monetary gain. It may be a new job, or perhaps a side job in which there is fluctuation of earnings. Sudden gains appear through the most unusual and unexpected situations. However, losses can also occur just as abruptly through the business, car, or home, requiring expensive computer, battery, or electrical repairs. Friends, clubs, organizations, or attending seminars or conventions can prove gainful or stressful concerning financial affairs.

Pluto in the Second House
Joint monetary resources will play a dominate role in your life during this trend. You will either give investments serious consideration, consolidate your bills, pay off a mortgage, apply for a loan, go bankrupt or increase your insurance. If you are married, your spouse may go on social security, sick benefits, or an early retirement. There is the possibility of working in collaboration with others on a project that involves joint monetary arrangements. You may be placed in a position of writing payroll cheques, handling insurance claims, making out wills, working in the medical field, or in any position where you have control over a department, people, or machinery. IRS auditing is possible, so keep good payroll records and precise income tax deductions.

Libra on the Third Cusp
Circumstances warrant a diplomatic approach in your everyday contact with others. You may find yourself in the role of doing public relations work where finesse, charm and a persuasive manner are a must. You may make a considerable number of short trips in connection with pleasures, social activities, and business. Companionships will be an essential factor to your mental well being, as you find little pleasure in doing things alone. It is possible that you may enter into some kind of mutual enterprise with a brother or sister. In other cases, you may have to keep records for your marriage or business partner.

Scorpio on the Fourth Cusp
There appears to be a lot of tension, emotional upheaval, and turbulent events surrounding your home life. This may account for your desire to be a loner, remain aloof, and keep your private life to yourself. Changes are likely to occur regarding property and finances. Severe weather conditions may have damaged your home, requiring insurance settlements and a rebuilding of the unit. Or, job and marriage difficulties may call for a second mortgage. In some cases there is loss of a family member, usually a grandparent. Whatever the situation may be, you have the extraordinary will-power to handle it.

Neptune in the Fourth House
Psychic ability is enhanced. An interest in music may encourage you to purchase a piano, organ or another instrument for your home. Unusual conditions may surround various members of your family. Your home may take on a hospital atmosphere when a parent or marriage partner develops an illness requiring constant care, nursing or medication to be administered. Be on the alert for gas odors or sewer and plumbing problems. Secret or mysterious situations may surround your home base or the affairs of a family member.

Sagittarius on the Fifth Cusp
It is possible to play the role of instructor during this trend. You are quite versatile in your hobbies and talents. Why not contact your local adult education center and see what you can offer? You are less intense in your romantic attachments, seeking partners that are more outgoing, sports minded, and of the same intellectual caliber. Children are thinking about a college education. Others may move to distant cities, which may activate future travels on your part. At some point during this trend, you may have to assist a child in resolving a legal issue. Your second sibling may temporarily relocate. If interested in investments, look to foreign products, exports, airlines and sporting goods.

Capricorn on the Sixth Cusp
You are developing strong traits in organizing ability, efficiency and acceptance of responsibility. You work well alone and at some time during this trend, you may have to work the evening or night shift. There is a strong possibility you may work for the government or there may be a governmental contract at your place of employment that requires you to wear an identification badge during this trend. If you are on salary, there is the tendency for supervisors to burden you with more than your share of work. Your only alternative is to demand extra monetary compensation.

Aquarius on the Seventh Cusp
Friends, clubs and associations will be instrumental in providing you with an active social life. You are seeking a marriage or business partner who can act independently and decisively -- but not erratically, as you will like a certain amount of routine in your everyday existence. Accept your partner's needs and desires for close friendships whether you approve of them or not.

Pisces on the Eighth Cusp
The ideal romantic atmosphere would include a mixed drink or two, dim lights, soft music and the pitter-patter of rain drops on the window pane. You are also quite sensitive and easily hurt if someone should criticize your sexual proclivities. Always make it a point to save your receipts and records with major purchases. It will help you avoid a constant flow of confusion through billing systems and computers that keep insisting you owe them money. Be alert to possible deception through partnership funds or investment schemes. During this trend it is possible that institutional or private care of someone who is emotionally, mentally or physically ill may be financially draining.

Aries on the Ninth Cusp
Distant matters, higher education and travel will require your personal attention. It is possible you will take a course in the martial arts or learn the basic rules of sports such as volleyball ball or racquetball. You may have to travel alone from time to time, perhaps in connection with your vocation. Legal action on your part is likely to be over mechanical defects of a large purchase or a possible accident.

Sun in Taurus
Your progressed Sun in Taurus projects more fixity of purpose in your character. You have an amiable disposition, steadfast and patient. You are slower to anger than in the past, yet you can be furious when enraged. There is greater pride in personal possessions and a fondness for the beautiful and artistic. Your impulsive tendencies are lessening somewhat, as you become more conservative and give more thought to new ideas and projects. This new sustained attitude can be most fortunate in accumulation of wealth and possessions, providing greater success through discriminative and practical handling of business affairs. The patronage of women and other contacts with wealthy or influential individuals may have a positive influence upon your personal endeavors. Be careful that you do not permit others to be a source of financial drain upon your resources.

Sun in the Ninth House
This is the house of personal protection, influence and good fortune. Your lofty aspirations and desire for public recognition can be achieved through higher education. Creative talents are best expressed through wide-scale media. Working with radio, television or publications can increase self-confidence and assist in bolstering your ego. Professional people of wealth and prominence, and those of vastly different backgrounds are likely to touch upon your life. Men can be of valuable assistance by opening the door to opportunities for future gains and advancements. This placement is associated with travel or communications with those in distant cities, in-laws, and people involved with religion. Circumstances may bring you in touch with someone who is undergoing difficult legal action.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus (Prg-Nat) Orb: 00°15' Separating
This is a challenging influence that can produce great stress in one's life. A belligerent attitude may incline you to be abrupt and irritable with close ties. Loss of temper, impatience, and an offensive manner will tend to make enemies. Friends will begin to take a disliking toward you. In return, you will build an inner resentment toward them. This is an unsettling period in which sudden and unexpected changes may force you into a completely different direction that you may not like. Try to avoid provoking others into severing ties that you will later regret. This is not the best time for travel, or joining clubs and organizations.

Venus in Aries
The planet Venus is associated with sociability, love and a sense of harmony. Now that Venus has progressed into the positive sign of Aries, you will not be as vulnerable in love relationships as you have been in the past. You will be more aggressive and, at times, take the initiative where action is slow in developing. Be alert to new creative ideas and, if single, new love interests. Guard against extravagance and impulsive spending. Don't be too hasty in joining partnerships or entering into marriage. Give yourself time to evaluate the pros and cons of every new venture or opportunity that is destined to come your way.

Venus in the Ninth House
Your attractive personality, grace, charm, and tactful manner, increase popularity with others. There is a good deal of interest and appreciation for the fine arts and music. Your diplomatic nature would be a big plus in public relations work or the media. It is how you express your words, not what you say, that sways the public to your line of thought. There is great rapport with foreigners and with women you meet while traveling. These individuals can be of beneficial assistance and may provide opportunities for future expansion and financial gain. You love to travel, but it must be first class all the way. Romance appears likely with a person of a different background or educational level, or someone you meet through travel conditions.

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