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Below is sample text from a number of the chapters of an Astro*Talk Profile Report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Michael Erlewine of Matrix Software.

This sample text begins with the planets in the natal chart. Each planet is introduced with a basic description of that planet, followed by its specific aspects to other planets in the chart. Here are excerpts taken from an Astro*Talk report:

Planet Aspects

The Lights: The Sun and Moon
At the time of our birth, the planets (through their configurations and relationships) tell us something about how things were when we were born. Each planet points to special qualities within us. Yet, of all the planets, the two most important planets to astrologers are the "lights"; the Sun and the Moon. From where we stand here on Earth, the great shining Sun by day and the reflecting Moon at night are our constant companions. They have much to tell us as to where we have been and where we are headed.

The Sun: Your Self and Future
From the Sun comes light and energy, that which draws us into life. The Sun represents our identity and our conscious self. Our aim is to develop in accordance with the positive traits of our Sun Sign. It also represents that which we will become; older people, authorities — those we look toward or up to. Our essence or future. Teachers, gurus and older (more experienced) people are also represented by the Sun.

Sun in Capricorn
You have clear vision and can see what to do. Happy when in control, you enjoy managing anything practical. Not too emotional, you are objective, businesslike and reliable — disciplined. To you, life is a serious business and you are a great provider, always far-sighted. You are social, or public-oriented. Practical.

Sun Conjunct Venus
You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of discrimination and innate good taste means that you know good items from bad and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures (men in particular), plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general, makes you welcome at any social scene.

Sun Opposite Saturn
Your innate sense of responsibility, or the actual duties that come your way, may prevent you from fulfilling your real ambitions. Those in authority, or those older and more experienced, may challenge or oppose you and thus hold you back. Whatever the reason, your goals probably lack the organization and careful planning they need. Your personal self-discipline, or lack thereof, may amount to a liability, thus working against you.

Planets in Signs: Internal Planets

Mercury: The Mind and Communication
Mercury is the light in our eyes, the ever-changing consciousness within us that moves from idea to idea. Thus Mercury has always represented thoughts and ideas, and the mental processes in general. It governs not only ideas, but communications too. Communications; by phone, letter, email and speech are all ruled by Mercury. Also thoughts, connections, phone wires, computers and everything that connects and conveys — even conversations.

Mercury in Sagittarius
You are fair-minded and above-board, always direct and honest in thought. You are more interested in eternal thoughts and broad landscapes than in minute details. You always manage to get the picture right away. Farsighted, you have a wandering mind that loves to travel and are at home with the bare bones of truth.

Planets in Signs: External Planets

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
The major planets outside the Earth's orbit (external to us) are Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These are the planets of the outer world — life as we find it outside ourselves. Mars tells us something about the drive and energy we have, Jupiter shows us how to best channel that energy, and Saturn decrees what sort of material or territory we will be passing through. Again: Saturn tells us about the territory we will be going through, Jupiter the way or path through it, and Mars what kind of push or drive we can count on to keep going.

Mars: Drive and Action
Mars is the planet of inner motivation or drive. When we search for the meaning of something, life or whatever, it is Mars that urges us to act and to expend energy in a focussed manner. It is also the planet that shows how we go after what we want and how we defend ourselves from threats; our fight-or-flight instincts.

Mars in Cancer
You have a real security drive and a need to care and protect others — mother hen. Very sensitive to the slightest emotional change, you have all the artistic traits and talents. If threatened, you can be very defensive, and you hate competition. You love family, children, and animals. You have common sense.

Landscape: Major Life Periods

What follows amounts to a brief overview of the first thirty years or so of your life — a road map of the years to come. Since childhood, adolescence, and early adult life are so crucial to each of us, an attempt has been made to describe these formative years. Based on the gradual movement of the planet Saturn, this is one of the most tested of all astrological techniques. It is used by almost every professional astrologer as part of any personal consultation. Provided that your time of birth is more or less accurate, you will find this information both accurate and informative. Here is a general life overview, followed by a close-up on your current changes — what is happening right now.

First the overview:

Your Personal Background
A fairly easy childhood up until around the 11-12th year, at which time you will begin to become more subjective and inner-directed. This could mean that your adolescence is somewhat more lonely and less socially oriented than the average. This inner time of exploration lasts until you are about 18-19 years of age. At that time, you will proceed to take hold, discover yourself, and become more outward in a rather short time. Your sense of confidence will take hold and build, and the years of introspection will pay off as you begin to reach out. The years from 18 through 25 or 26 will be ones of hard work and continued gains in self-confidence. From the 26th year, your real climb to fame and fortune will commence. Your 30s and 40s will be very good and successful years.

Your Burn Rate
You have a high burn rate (index of change) and tend to run hot and fast. It is almost like having many lifetimes within this single one. Things are always fast and furious with you, and you seldom remain calm for long. Your thirst for experience and growth keeps you always on the move. You work through an enormous amount of change compared to an average person. In particular, the following qualities are areas where you have experienced and will continue to experience much change. These areas of life persist in presenting themselves to you, so you may already have become very experienced in them. On the other hand, they could be arenas in which you struggle but have not yet attained mastery.

A majority of planets in the FUTURE suggests that you tend to run ahead of the pack, taking changes and acting things out before they become accepted and a part of the status quo. Things happen to you that you come to understand over time.

Major Transits Happening Now

Astrologers use the term "transits" to mean the positions of the major planets that are overhead (in the sky) right now and their relationship to our birth chart.

Transits are very important indicators of the current situation in which we find ourselves. They can provide insight into what we are now going through. Here are the dates when the next major transits for the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are exact in your chart. Some dates will have already passed and some are still to come.

Remember, with these large planets, transits don't just happen on the day when they are exact. They cover a wide span of days, weeks, months and sometimes years, depending on which planet is involved. In general, transits of Jupiter take from several days to a week or two to complete, while those of Saturn take from two weeks to a month to play themselves out. With the outer planets, the period of activity is even longer: transits of Uranus take about two months, Neptune three or four months, and Pluto takes about a year. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move so slowly that the complete transit experience may take a year or two to complete itself. So be prepared to work with these situations:

SEP 24, 1999 1st Pass D> (Age 46 8m):

Jupiter Sextile Mars

Things are happening, and your career or vocational path depends upon your own ambition and drive, which are strong now. Able to use good common horse-sense, you can feel trends and make the right moves. A time to get ahead by taking action.

NOV 15, 1999 1st Pass D> (Age 46 10m)
APR 22, 2000 2nd Pass R< (Age 47 3m)
JUL 11, 2000 3rd Pass D> (Age 47 6m):

Jupiter Trine Moon

Your home environment, friends and surroundings in general get facilitated and receive encouragement. Your work or career is in real harmony with the rest of your life. You could gain from subordinates or younger people during this time.

Planets in High Focus


Your sense of appreciation and discrimination amounts to a very great talent, a real gift. You have a loving and compassionate quality that requires very little education or development. This is a precious commodity. Low burn rate here.


Questions of attitude, approaches to problem-solving, and the methods for handling authorities and the law are in high focus and are indicated by a high burn rate regarding your career and making your way through life. Perhaps you will have many jobs or be forever going through changes and adjustments that affect your career. It could be difficult finding lasting success or prosperity, and the path to it may be in areas where you have real experience and particular expertise.


You have a high rate of change when it comes to what you believe in; your ideals and dreams. You adjust and change your ideals often and struggle not to get carried away with each new vision. The world of your imagination is a major focus of change.

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